Senior Citizens with Permanent Disability

Citizens with disability are allowed to claim a deduction of Rs.50000/- and Rs. 75000/- in case of severe disability from their taxable income under Section 80U of Income Tax Act 1961. These limits of deduction have not been revised for more than 15 years. Therefore there is need for Government to consider increasing these limits to Rs.75000/- and Rs.100000/- respectively.

In addition to above Government may also consider adding a category “Senior Citizen with Disability” under Section 80U of Income Tax Act, 1961 through the Union Budget 2015 and the Finance Bill. The Senior Citizen with disability may be treated on par with an individual with Severe Disability under Section 80 U.

This is a request to support this proposal.

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  1. Lalithkumar Gujarati

    I really fully endorse and support this suggestion. But having said that, how many SAPs are earning in India? Not even 10% of total number of SAPs. And even the 10% of SAPs who are earning, how many of them are having a respectable, handsome income? A very few among approximately 7 crore SAPs, are lucky to be highly empowered, having a high income. So my point is, even if this suggestion is accepted, it may touch few thousand SAPs only. So its my request to you, if you are really for the empowerment of SAPs, please raise your voice for the majority of the SAPs. I hope you get my point. Once again, I really fully endorse and support this suggestion.

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