Vision: To become the “Transformation Catalyst” for the world to become an “INCLUSIVE” place where Specially Abled People enjoy equality as human beings, opportunity to excel and contribute based on their abilities and lives with dignity and independence. Mission: To create a mass movement and be the “CHANGE MAKER” with comprehensive, collective THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, ACTIONS and ADVOCACY for the EMPOWERMENT of 7 crore Specially Abled People (SAP) through Accessibility, Education and Employment that helps build the INCLUSIVE 21st century Indian society. To take the successful “Template of Empowerment” from India to other developing countries with VOSAP’s Global Technology Platform and positively improve the “Quality of Life” of millions of Specially Abled People. Goals for 2020:
  1. Expand mass movement to 25,000+ volunteers, enabled by VOSAP mobile app
  2. Building accessibility mapping of 10+ cities using VOSAP mobile app
  3. Change 5,000+ lives of SAP (Person with Disabilities) by enabling them with Assistive devices
  4. Upgrade 50+ schools with accessibility provisions