To be the “Transformation Catalyst” for the world to become an “ACCESSIBLE” and “INCLUSIVE” place where Specially Abled People enjoy equality as human beings, opportunity to excel and contribute to the economy, harnessing their abilities with assistive devices to live with dignity and independence.


To create a mass movement of the “CHANGE MAKERS” and with their collective THOUGHT LEADERSHIP, ACTIONS and ADVOCACY, we EMPOWER Specially Abled People (SAP), change the narrative of DISABILITY by focusing “ABILITY” of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and harness ABILITY by enabling them with Accessibility, Assistive Devices, Surgical Interventions, Employment, Education and Healthcare.

Goals for 2024
1Change lives of 15,000+ Beneficiaries
2Grow Registered Volunteer base to 13,000+
3Rate 25,000+ Places for Accessibility
4Expand Impact in 5 more states in India
540 AT Exhibitors on VOSAP AT Exhibition
6Subsidy to 20 AT Products to accelerate adoption by SAP
7Promote 250+ corporate jobs for Persons with Disabilities on VOSAP jobs portal