VOSAP Volunteering tasks have a huge variety and over 20 activities to go and execute in the neighborhood. Especially in times like a pandemic serving society and people is more crucial. It gives us a sense of purpose and inner satisfaction having been useful to those people in need.

We have over 10,000 volunteers actively working in different parts of the US and in India. Our volunteers are currently stepping up to cope with one of the greatest challenges of humanity COVID-19 Pandemic and volunteers are extending their “Helping Hand” to ensure Person with Disabilities receives grocery and personal protection items as they are hit hard economically due to extended lockdown and expected economic impact.

Voice of SAP has received tremendous support in the form of COVID 19 relief donations from various parts of the world. Our volunteers have reached out to others for their donation and making their own donations for helping to provide kits of Rs 600 each which includes 9 items

Covid19 relief Efforts of Voice of SAP have expanded on a larger scale. VOSAP has been providing underprivileged SAPs with grocery and ration kits across various locations in India. VOSAP and its partner organizations have also worked together for vaccination camps along with kit distribution.

The selfless service of VOSAPians in the Dahod district by visiting villages and tribal areas to distribute ration kits is worth the praise. Amidst the monsoon, our volunteers are fully motivated to achieve the goal to help people.

Team VOSAP distributed ration kits & masks at the leprosy center to 26 people born with leprosy and 14 divyaang cricketers on the occasion of PM Narendra Modi’s 71st birthday in Varanasi

Volunteers in Haridwar distributed ration kits to people in need by visiting homes. Their efforts were commendable for doing this work and helping the underprivileged people.

VOSAP’s Partner Blind People Association hosted a Drive-Thru Vaccination camp in Ahmedabad. The vaccination program was held for SAPs above 18 years of age. The one of its kind drive-through vaccination camp in India where people arrived at the location in their vehicles and the team vaccinated them.

vaccination camp along with kit distribution in Nagda(MP). Hundreds of people were provided ration kits, 3 layered masks, and sanitizers every weekend in different cities of India: Ahmedabad (Gujarat), Dahod (Gujarat), Varanasi (U.P.), Belgaum (Karnataka), Nagda (Madhya Pradesh), Haridwar (Uttarakhand) and Hyderabad (Telangana).

VOSAP distributed around 400 Ration kits, masks, and sanitizers to under-privileged SAPs out of 1,000 who got vaccinated. We are grateful to our Volunteers who joined the vaccination camp and served the SAPs.

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