Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to share VOSAP’s impact in Year 2023 and the evolution of our multi-year realistic yet ambitious goal for “Viksit Bharat by 2047” where we aim to become the catalyst for a $1 Trillion economic contribution from the Disability sector to the GDP of India by the 100th year of India’s Independence.

The past year was full of exciting events for Enablement of Specially Abled People with new assistive devices added to our portfolio, reaching out to beneficiaries in 19 states and 3 Union Territories with new local partners in several states. As we connected with many new organizations working in the Disability sector, our insights, understanding of the extent of needs on the ground, challenges in meeting those needs and government programs etc. has increased enormously. In 2024 we intend to double our impact (15,000+ beneficiaries) by working with these trusted partners and AT providers.

VOSAP Advocacy in 2023 accomplished great impact with VOSAP being selected to present for the 8th time at the United Nations, presenting at C20(G20) and becoming the International Partner for “International Purple Fest in GOA”.

The Ignite program for Highschool students in the US is growing and 15 students have received US President’s Volunteer Service Award through their dedication and zeal which gives us immense pride to see these budding young leaders stepping in the world with compassion and inclusive mindset to be the ‘VOICE’ for VOSAP Mission in future.

Talking about a better world in the future when we will have the “Inclusion and Accessibility for all” ingrained in our thoughts and actions, as individuals and communities with empowered specially abled people all around us, we can envision that they can become significant economic contributors, possibly a force to reckon with when their creativity, perseverance and an amazing outlook is mainstreamed.

With this optimistic understanding our new, multi-year long-term goal has emerged in 2023 that was socialized during my very fruitful advocacy visit to India that we, VOSAP team can “THINK BIG and ACT BOLD” to become the CATALYST for a measurable contribution to India’s economy by mobilizing resources, advocacy for government policies, tax incentives and CSR projects for the Disability Sector all over India. We all dream and do whatever we can to make India a developed economy so why not take up a challenge and try to make it INCLUSIVE! Our goal is “to empower the Specially Abled People of India to contribute $1 Trillion to the GDP of India by 2047, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of India’s Independence”. We encourage you all to contemplate this goal as Proud VOSAPians, aspired to transform the disability sector.

Year 2023 witnessed unwavering and growing support of our strategic Donors and Chief Patron for pledging multi-year support to the VOSAP Mission, fueling the growth, aspirations to empower millions of lives by 2047.

Feeling immensely blessed,fortunate to have each one of you as a change maker, well-wisher has been a constant emotion that we experience and are grateful for! As always we wish that we all expand, embrace more people to be a part of the VOSAP Family and our big goal!

Wishing God’s grace and blessings for us,
Usha and Pranav Desai