We’re excited to present our VOSAP Founder Pranav Desai’s Conversations series, where we highlight the outstanding contributions of our partners making a real impact on the ground.

  • Founders of Trestle Labs : Bonny Dave and Akshita Sachdeva

Bonny Dave and Akshita Sachdeva, a mechanical engineer and software engineer, founded VOSAP, dedicated to aiding visually impaired individuals with OCR-based solutions. Their journey began with college volunteering, fostering a passion for helping people with disabilities.

They now operate in 22 countries, impacting 100,000 lives and partnering with 500+ institutions. Their goal is to reach 1 million individuals and 50,000+ institutions in the next five years, promoting inclusivity in education and employment.

VOSAP provides support in subsidizing their products to enable Visually Impaired Individuals, Here’s what they have to say about this Partnership: 

Bonny Dave: I think there’s a wonderful model and I hope in the due course there are many more organizations like Voice of SAP who come up and you know do this because it’s helping startups like us, it’s helping the enable beneficiaries also and all the organization in general.

Akshita : Voice of Specially Abled People has brought in a unique model that shifts the lens from charity to business yet retains an impactful approach.This intersection between impact and business is a unique model that Voice of Specially Abled People has brought in for both the segments.

Watch the full video to see their journey and experience and their motivation to do more.

  • Founder of Signable Communications: Tarun Sarwal

Tarun Sarwal, who hails from a privileged background, shares the pivotal moment in his life that led him on this extraordinary path. Having lived in several countries, London, Switzerland, he came back to India and at the age of 60 started the startup, Signable Communication that helps deaf people communicate effectively.

The Signable app currently supports 12 languages, enabling users to communicate effectively across region, there are 50,000 plus downloads, 20 companies now working through B2B model including Amazon. By the end of 2024, their goal is to reach 150,000 paying subscribers, 200 companies, and about 1500 schools to at least have the basic minimum requirement that people are learning in sign language.

VOSAP provides support in subsidizing their products to enable Hearing Impaired Individuals, Here’s what he shares about this Partnership: 

We found VOSAP at right time, we were looking for some sustainable thing to  make this service cheap, and you came through. VOSAP came and and really this has been something special for us because what we are able to do is say you buy for a month, we will give you unlimited calls, but then VOSAP will support you for the rest of the year. And we believe that, you know, this is really going to increase the usership.

Watch the full video to see his journey and experience and his motivation to do more.

  • Founder of Flexmotive Technologies : Srinivas Adepu and Girish Yadav

Flexmotive Technologies was founded by Srinivas and Girish at IIT Delhi, driven by their shared vision to revolutionize assistive technology for people with disabilities. Srinivas recognized the gap in the Indian market for accessible mobility solutions, while Girish, living with polio, brought personal insight. Girish’s experience in medical device design revealed the potential to enhance mobility and confidence for individuals in need.

VOSAP, provides support by subsidizing their products to enable individuals with locomotor disability.Here is what Srinivas shared about VOSAP

Srinivas: “I was telling in the beginning that’s a fantastic model and we can reach thousands of people with this product.The kind of impact that you’re doing is far better because others just give it away and people sell it. Here, it’s not happening like that. We process the entire exact process of what the documents are and the best part is we also take feedback.”

  • Founder of We Hear : Kanishka Patel: 

We Hear, founded by Kanishka and Raj, offers an affordable alternative to surgical hearing procedures with their digital programmable hearing aid. Kanishka’s exposure to bone conduction technology ignited their innovative solution, tested and proven transformational when used by hearing-impaired children in Ahmedabad. They have secured 7 patents and currently serve over 4,300 users, from nine months to 85 years old, with their life-changing hearing aid.

Voice of Specially Abled People (VOSAP), provides support by subsidizing their products to enable individuals with hearing impairment. Here’s what he says about partnership:

“We have been very fortunate that no organization like Voice of SAP is there and they have supported us in in no and then a very early stage of our projects.So Voice of SAP has been very much you know, supportive in this journey of ours and we are also aiming to you know now scale it more and more because the issue is really big. We are happy to have a partner like Voice of SAP with us who we can leverage your network, we can leverage your volunteers and we can reach maximum beneficiaries, we can help out maximum people.”