VOSAP president's volunteer service award

Good news VOSAPians! Volunteering at VOSAP can now help you get the prestigious high tier Volunteering Certificate: President’s Volunteer Service Award from The US President.


The US “President’s Volunteer Service Award” is a prestigious and national award in the US, given for a high tier volunteering service. It is a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States. Established by executive order by George W. Bush, the award was established in 2003 to honor volunteers that give time, hours per year helping others through the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation. The award can be granted to individuals, families and organizations located throughout the United States, depending on the amount of service hours completed.

It is an opportunity to honor most outstanding volunteers and recognize the impact they make. Only Certifying Organizations can certify volunteers’ eligibility for the PVSA and order awards.

VOSAP has been recognized as one such approved organization to give out the PVSA recommendation for its volunteers. With this approval, Volunteers of Voice of SAP in the USA are now eligible to receive PVSA.

The Eligibility:

  1. United States citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States.
  2. Must be at least five years old.
  3. Completes eligible service within a 12-month period.

Hours of volunteering service:

Age Group Bronze Silver Gold Lifetime Achievement Award
Kids (5–10 years old) 26–49 hours 50–74 hours 75+ hours 4,000+ hours
Teens (11–15) 50–74 hours 75–99 hours 100+ hours 4,000+ hours
Young Adults (16–25) 100–174 hours 175–249 hours 250+ hours 4,000+ hours
Adults (26+) 100–249 hours 250–499 hours 500+ hours 4,000+ hours


Guidelines for Volunteering with VOSAP under PVSA Program


VOSAP is a certified organization to reward volunteers with PVSA for their volunteering activities with VOSAP. At VOSAP, you can volunteer by doing various activities. Here are indicative Guidelines for volunteers. Final decision for recommendation for PVSA will be taken by the VOSAP Committee.


PLEDGE Credit For Volunteering Hours Max allowed hours
Inspiring Family and friend to take a pledge to volunteer using VOSAP App   30%
For every 5 Volunteering Pledge 1 Hour
For every 10 Volunteering Pledge 2 Hour
For every 25 Volunteering Pledge 6 Hour(1 bonus hour)
For every 50 Volunteering Pledge 15 Hour(5 bonus hour)
Rating of Accessibility of public place/building using VOSAP Mobile app   35%
For Rating of 3 Places 1 Hour
For Rating of 9 Places 3 Hours
For Rating of 100 Places 38 Hours (incl Bonus Hours 5)
10 non accessible places rated in US 1 hour bonus
REFER EVENT AND AT EXHIBITION Credit For Volunteering Hours  
(Hours are allocated only when the referred person registers) AT Exhibition : events.voiceofsap.org   20%
For every 10 Referral 1 Hour
For every 20 Referral 2 Hour
For every 50 Referral 6 Hours (1 bonus hour)
For every 100 Referral 15 Hours (5 bonus hours)
RESEARCH WORK Credit For Volunteering Hours  
Policy related Research work in Disability Sector (Part Time)   20%
Completing survey responses from NGOs, PwD 1 Complete response = 30 mins
Fundraising for actual impact, enabling SAP Credit for Volunteering Hours  
Using exclusive pledge.to link to inspire all to donate $100 = 1 hr 30%
Celebrating birthdays or similar events to raise funds gets 2 extra hours in addition to fund raising if VOSAP mission is $100 = 1 hr
presented, or birthday celebrated at local disability ngo or with SAP children etc.    
Serving at VOSAP Booth, events, Walkathon etc. raise funds gives credit of actual time spent plus funds raised $100 = 1 hr
Approved VOSAP Post on Inspiring Stories of Person with Disabilities, Article, Solutions, News etc. Credit For Volunteering Hours  
Writing about VOSAP in school’s newsletter 4-8 Hours depending upon content and actual work 20%
Article on NGO Facility (no visit required) 4 Hours
Approved VOSAP Article for your experience of Visit to facility, etc 10 Hours
Interviewing SAP and sharing Experience 4 Hours
SERVING AT VOSAP BOOTH/ EVENTS Credit For Volunteering Hours  
Organizing and attending an event 4-12 hrs upon event completion 50%
Participating in Debate, Art contest etc. 4-12 hrs per level of participation
Social Media post, sharing posts to promote VOSAP events (It has to be repost on handle and not on story, should be always visible) 5 posts = 1 hr
SCHOOL CLUB RELATED Credit For Volunteering Hours  
Starting a club at school/social level 5-10 hrs based on efforts if approved by school 20%
Creating a school book (club activity) Based on approved project
Youtube Videos Credit For Volunteering Hours  
Receive 1 hour for watching 3 videos (duration less than or equal to 3 minutes video) and write 150 words for each video. 1 hour 20%
Receive 1 hour for watching 2 videos(duration more than 3 minutes video) and write 300 words for each video. 1 hour
Understanding VOSAP Digital Tools Credit For Volunteering Hours  
Article on any painting in VOSAP Digital Art Gallery (Minimum 200 words which painting attracted you the most and why) Link: (www.voiceofsap.org/artgallery/ ) 2 hours 20%
Article on any Exhibitor in VOSAP AT Exhibition (Minimum 400 words which 4 Hours
AT Solution attracted you the most and why) Link : events.voiceofsap.org    
Take a Quiz about VOSAP Link : www.voiceofsap.org 4 Hours for score above 25
Presenting to Fellow Igniters Credit For Volunteering Hours  
Each member presents an innovative idea, initiative, or a summary of their learning/volunteering experiences. 4-8 hours based on depth of content   20%

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