Welcome to join team of “Change makers”, global team of volunteers – VOSAPians!!!

Why volunteer? Well, it is always good if we can help someone instead take help of someone. Agreed?

Feel good, happy and satisfied by helping, inspiring, doing what you can as part of your “ISR” – Individual Social Responsibility.

At Voice of SAP, we have over 8,300 volunteers, who have committed to volunteer with as simple task as spreading awareness, hope to as much as 20 hours per week of their valuable time, owning specific project, initiative, responsibility.

–> You want to check out type of volunteer tasks you can do with Voice of SAP? Click here at https://goo.gl/forms/l49A5J5iucYsjGGC3

–> Want to Take Pledge to Volunteer? Register with GMAIL/FB ID and – Take Pledge Now.

The “Pledge Feature” is designed to involve as many people as possible in the community to voluntarily commit to “doing their part” in making the lives of Specially Abled People better.

  1. There are 7 templates to select from per your role in society
  2. Based on template you select, suggested pledge options will appear
  3. You can select the one you want to support or enter your own pledge in the box here
  4. Click “I Pledge” button
  5. You can also share your pledge on social media and others

Only registered member can take pledge, become volunteer so please register first using your GMAIL or FaceBook ID – 3 easy steps to register.

–> Ready?Take Pledge Now.

Please click “Send Pledge” button to inspire others by sending them link to take the pledge.

  1. The “Send Pledge” feature requires you to provide information about the Recipient including their e-mail address
  2. We have provided a link here to search the database of e-mails of Members of Parliament and District collectors for you to inspire them to do what they can do to help Divyang jan/SAP/PwD
  3. You can inspire your friends, colleagues and family members too by typing their email address, sending them link to take pledge.