Welcome to join the team of “Change makers”, a global team of volunteers – VOSAPians!

Voice of SAP is a volunteer Led, technology driven organization. Join the Community of 12,000+ VOSAPians, who have taken pledge to volunteer with VOSAP!

Our volunteers are helping Persons with Disabilities in the community. You can start with a  simple volunteer task such as spreading awareness and go on to contributing as much as 10 hours per week of your valuable time, skills by owning specific projects, initiatives, and responsibilities.

In addition to Taking a Pledge to Volunteer, you can inspire, send Invite to your friends and family to join the community to make a difference in the lives of Specially Abled People.  

Easy few steps to Take a Pledge to Volunteer:

VOSAP has 7 unique Pledge templates that can be selected based on your choice to join as a Volunteer.

To begin, 

  • You need to register yourself to take a pledge. Register here.
  • Choose a pledge template based on your role in the society such as “Student” template
  • Based on pledge template you select, suggested options of actions will appear
  • You can select one or more volunteer tasks you can do or enter your own pledge in the box provided
  • Click “I Pledge” button
  • You can also share your pledge on social media too.

Once you are a volunteer you can inspire, invite and send email to your family members or friends to join you. To do that,

  • Login to VOSAP Website with the Registered User id and Password.
  • On the Home page, go to the Volunteer Menu and choose Send Email Request to Take Pledge or Click here https://www.voiceofsap.org/pledges/thank-you/?link=true
  • Fill in the details, choose the template, add Recipient’s Full Name and Email Address and click on ‘Send Pledge’

You can also “Take the  Pledge” by downloading  the “VOSAP” mobile app  on iOS and Android.

Explore Unique Volunteering opportunities with VOSAP app by Rating Buildings for Accessibility, Sharing Articles, contributing Inspiring Stories and much more.


We Are VOSAPians (The Video by Our Volunteers)