About “I Pledge” feature – ONLY for registered VoSAPians

The “Pledge Feature” is designed to involve as many people as possible in the community to voluntarily commit to “doing their part” in making the lives of Specially Abled People better.

  1. There are 5 Categories to select from
  2. Based on category you select, suggested pledge options will appear
  3. You can select the one you want to support or enter your own pledge in the box here
  4. Click “I Pledge” button
  5. If you enter your own text, it will go for approval otherwise immediate approval if you select from listed pledges
  6. Once your pledge is approved, you will be notified and it will be on website and mobile app, listed as a public information
  7. You can also share your pledge on social media and others


  • Please click “Send Pledge” button to inspire others by sending them link to take the pledge.


  1. The “Send Pledge” feature requires you to provide information about the Recipient including their e-mail address
  2. We have provided a link here to search the database of e-mails of Members of Parliament and District collectors for your convenience
  3. Click the link, you will be directed to the “Resources” screen where you can get the email address of the MP of your constituency or DC/DM of your district by searching the database by selecting your state
  4. Select, copy e-mail address and write the full name of the concerned person in the “Send Pledge” screen and send it.
  5. As a member, you can “Send Pledge” to same email address – max 3 times