Since its inception, VOSAP Founder Pranav Desai has been a vocal advocate for the rights and empowerment of Specially Abled People (SAP). His unwavering commitment to this cause has garnered attention from various media outlets. Pranav Desai has been interviewed by several prominent media houses in India and the US, where he has passionately shared VOSAP’s mission and initiatives.

VOSAP’s impactful initiatives have received recognition and coverage from numerous media outlets such as Times of India, India West, Business World, NDTV, DD news, Republic TV, Jain TV, TV Asia, ITV and several regional magazines and digital platforms. Our organization’s efforts in empowering SAPs and advocating for their rights, looking at the disability sector differently I.e. “untapped” economic opportunity, empowerment model etc. have resonated with the media, amplifying our message and reaching wider audiences.