SAP and BEST Buses in Mumbai

BEST Buses provide 3 seats near the front exit door for SAPs.However BEST does not allow SAPs to enter from the front door at starting stops. This causes lot of hardship to SAPs as they have to join and move with long Q at starting stops as well as pushing by commuters who try to enter the bus without joining the Q. At times the 3 seats reserved for SAPs are already occupied by the time SAP reaches near them and occupants refuse to vacate these seats. BEST should allow SAPs to occupy seats reserved for them at Starting Stops of Buses. I request all to support this issue.

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  1. Venkateshmurthy Ayachit

    Alternatively, have a couple of seats meant for SAP in the rear and an equal number in the front too. So, a SAP is assured of a place to sit regardless of the point of entry. This is the scenario in BMTC. Able bodied persons who refuse to vacate seats must be penalized.

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