May 2018 Newsletter of Voice of SAP

          VoSAP mission presented to UN, Permanent Mission of India at UN, Consulate General of India, NY.
VoSAP awards Certificates of Volunteering at Nirma University, Workshop of 200+ faculties at LD Engg
Community event in Washington DC, USA and Received blessings from Sadhguru in Los Angeles, USA


Dear VoSAPians,

In last 2 months, VoSAP mission achieved new milestones. VoSAP Vision, mission, execution strategies, volunteer empowerment tool (VOSAP mobile app) and its social impact was presented as Voice of SAP's "India Model" to UN CRPD (Convention for Rights of Persons with Disabilities), Unicef, ILO (India), Dy Permanent Representative of India at UN, Consulate General of India in New York, Consul of India in San Francisco, Founder of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur), Sadhguru (Isha Foundation) and other compassionate leaders.

They were inspired for immense potential of social impact based on Voice of SAP's 360 degree approach, enabling tools (like VOSAP app) and outcome of several prototypes executed as part of its India Model. Including Dr Akiko, Ambassador Tanmay Lal ji, CG of NY Sandeep ji and many others were inspired to support VoSAP mission, took VOSAP pledge. Till now, we have around 4,000 people, who have taken VOSAP pledge to volunteer with VoSAP.

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Activities in last 2 months:

1. Youth Connect: Voice of SAP's Youth Connect program was taken to 4 more colleges in Ahmedabad, India and inspired hundreds of more students and faculties of these colleges to embrace ISR (Individual Social Responsibility) and lead the change to create inclusive society.

85 students of Institute of Science, Nirma University received Certificate of volunteering for VoSAP. Chairman of WaghBakri Tea, Shri Piyush Desai and other VoSAP leaders inspired students, appreciated their volunteer service using VOSAP app to Empower Specially Abled People. Director General (Vice Chancellor) of Nirma University Dr Anup Singh advised Dr Sonal Bakshi (who championed VoSAP program as faculty) to lead this initiative in Nirma University with other departments.

Associate Dean, Dr G. S. Vadodaria, Principal of L D Engineering College in Ahmedabad, India had taken VOSAP pledge earlier and was inspired to take action by organizing VoSAP lecture for engineering faculty members. This lecture was attended by 200+ faculty members. It was conducted by motivational speaker Ms Manisha Pathak and VoSAP team.

Several follow up sessions in each faculty and engineering department is now planned after these successful lectures at LD Engg and Nirma Institute of Science.

2. Government Connect: In April 2018, Pranav Desai, met Indian Diplomat, Consulate General of India in NY, Shri Sandeep Chakravorty to discuss joint initiatives to inspire NRI community to join VoSAP mission, take volunteer pledge, adopt 1 building (school or place of worship) in their native in India to be upgraded with ramp etc. CGNY and VoSAP discussed to work on organizing 2 events to achieve this goal.

Pranav presented VoSAP's India model and mobile app to Ambassador Tanmay Lal and Paulomi Tripathi at Permanent Mission of India at UN. They discussed ways in which to work together to help other member states at UN.

3. UN Connect: Pranav Desai met with UN Chief of Secretariat for CRPD, Dr Akiko Ito and team in UN Headquarters. Meeting included presentation of VoSAP's India Model, VOSAP mobile app as how they can help other member states of UN, especially developing countries. During this 90 minutes meeting, several points were discussed. Earlier Dr Akiko was inspired and took VoSAP pledge, which has encouraged VoSAP volunteers tremendously. UN CRPD's monthly newsletter covered VoSAP and its mobile app was presented under "Useful Tools" section.

Subsequently meeting was held with UNICEF team to discuss its disability related programs, primarily in education for supporting accessibility in schools in India, e-learning initiative etc.

VoSAP and ILO (International Labor Organization) India also discussed to present VoSAP's "Corporate Connect" program for promoting accessibility, employment of Persons with Disabilities at MNCs.

4. Community Connect: As part of ongoing efforts to spread awareness among local communities, VoSAP team of Washington DC participated in a large community event of "Rang Aur Patang Utsav 2018" - Kite flying and Holi, full day event for thousands of Indians in the region. Young volunteers also actively participated in explaining VOSAP mobile app features, inspired visitors with mission and take volunteer pledge etc. Over 200 visiotrs came to the VoSAP booth and volunteers helped them with details of how they can join and start volunteering.

VoSAP requests volunteers to come forward who can be QA testers, Translators, Motivational Speakers, Accessibility Auditors, VDO editors, Writers, Social media experts. Please respond to this email with your interest and we will contact you.

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