Mar 31 2018

Voice of SAP team inspired over 200 faculty members of L. D. College of Engineering (where founder of Voice of SAP, Shri Pranav Desai graduated in 1991), leading engineering college since 1948 in India. Workshop was organized under the leadership of Principal Dr G. P. Vadodaria, who joined VoSAP mission in Oct 2017 and now hundreds of faculties are motivated to take the mission to engineering  students so that more research projects in Assistive Technologies can be taken by students, future engineers are sensitized for need of accessibility and how they can be change makers in the society as an engineer.

VoSAP’s motivational speaker Manisha ji made the  presentation and delivered inspiring session.

Voice of SAP is now working  on follow up workshops with students of civil engineering, computer engineering and other branches.

Here are some pictures of this workshop.



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