Standard Chartered Banks is making 30 railway stations disabled friendly under CSR

Under the ‘Seeing is Believing’ initiative of the Company, Standard Chartered Bank is making 30 railway stations disabled friendly in India. The projects aims to help people with visual, physical and hearing impairment to travel independently and with dignity.

Thane will be the first Railway Station to have all the facilities. Other Railway Stations like Egmore Chennai, Bandra, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Mathura, Agra, Secunderabad and Jaipur will be made accessible by April 1,2022.

Accessible Facilities will include:

  • Guiding Braille indicators at platforms and railings to identify platform numbers and facilities.
  • Braille General Signs for facilities like a male-female toilet.
  • Reflective strips at stairs for people with low vision
  • Braille Maps of the station
  • Braille information booklets at the Enquiry counters
  • QR code to watch the video about the station in sign language
  • Portable ramp & wheelchair to board the divyang coach.

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Credits: India CSR

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