Replacing Cane Sticks with electronic devices

Assistive device

An electronic device that could communicate on the surrounding environment to its user.

“The system includes a 3D camera that continuously scans the environment, very fast, 20 times a second. Then we process that information with computer vision algorithms and we break down every individual object. Each individual object is presented to the user through 3D computer-generated sounds and he hears the object through vibrations on a belt on his abdomen.” Says Alin Moldoveanu, Technical Coordinator of the Sound of Vision Project and Professor at the Politehnica University of Bucharest.

  • The blind person is guided in real-time by those 3D sounds together with vibrations or haptic feedback.
  • The user when he wants to read a text just presses the button and the system look for texts and indicates him where the texts are.
  • The system identifies the most important objects like stairs, doors or people moving around. Customization available.


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