Assistive Devices

We all have seen commonly used assistive devices like the eyeglasses, canes, and walkers and understand the extended support and independence they offer to the user and for the Specially Abled People, these assistive devices are like the lifeline for mobility or education or employment or carrying out daily activities of living independently.

VOSAP understands the vital role Assistive devices play in changing a life and with technology, innovation and global reach it is possible today to Empower, Enable Specially Abled Person by providing them the appropriate devices. By joining the hands of donors and beneficiaries, Voice of SAP has enabled hundreds of individuals in India with assistive devices including smartphones, tricycles, and custom wheelchairs. Our program is $100 can change a life!!

The United States has served as the capital of innovation of assistive devices. By connecting assistive technology companies in the United States with companies in India for technology transfers or joint ventures regarding assistive device technology, the Indian market can also serve as a catalyst for the world market in the niche of assistive devices with huge export market. Towards this goal VOSAP is working with Industry leaders in India, engineering colleges in Gujarat and Delhi to promote innovation including the launch of a tech -a-thon for students to innovate assistive device solutions for persons with disabilities as per Indian conditions.

How can you help?

1. If you have any insights, skills, ideas, expertise or connections that can be useful in furthering the cost reduction goal of assistive devices for Indian beneficiaries with large untapped export potential, please get in touch with us.

2. You can donate or inspire and aggregate donations to enable Specially Abled People with VOSAP. We can direct the donations as per your reasonable preferences.

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