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Voice of SAP firmly believes that everyone can contribute something in the society if they are given opportunities. So far, Voice of SAP has changed the lives of 15,000+ People, Putting smiles on 75,000+ faces in 12 States of India and USA…

Our society has a certain notion about the word disability. The stigma of treating Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in a different way has been going on for ages. It creates multiple societal complexities for PwD. This stereotyping often results in people’s poor attitude, ignorance, pity, and fear towards disabled people. PwD become victims of inequality and injustice on many fronts.

In order to break this notion, VOSAP has been working hard to bring forward the facts and useful data to the surface for helping people make the right decisions and motivate informed action to bring a Social Transformation.

Assistive technology and innovations bring people with disabilities one step closer to independent living. It has been the empowerment force that can let them lead their lives with dignity. An appropriate device gives them the ability to overcome their physical limitations and reduce their daily life struggles.

Voice of Specially Abled (VOSAP) understands the vital role that Assistive Devices play in changing a life and with technology, innovation, and intervention. VOSAP works towards enabling people with disabilities by providing them assistive devices, contributing to research, advocating policy changes and surgical interventions.

VOSAP is committed to enable Specially Abled People with necessary interventions and support such as providing Assistive devices, surgical interventions, scholarships and jobs so they can overcome their limitations and find suitable opportunities to excel.

  • Assistive Devices:
    • Over 1 Billion People in this world need Assistive Devices and Only 1 out of 10 has access to the devices.
    • To maximize the outreach and ensure more SAP are enabled and provide support with assistive devices all over India, Voice of SAP has created an online application system to apply for various types of innovative devices like Wheelchair, Smartcane, Headmouse Smartphones, Hearing Aids, Tricycle etc.
    • VOSAP launched the Assistive Technology Exhibition in 2021. Currently there are 31 Assistive technology suppliers and innovators from across the world. VOSAP has partnered with various innovators, strategised various subsidy programs to support and help SAPs have access to innovative, new-gen devices at low cost.
    • See the video of Innovative Assistive Devices: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTpaShvC8sc&t=3s

  • Surgical Interventions:
    • VOSAP Enablement program with surgical interventions is helping people regain vision as possible.
    • Every quarter we have 750+ people enabled, gifted with vision by surgical interventions, executed by VOSAP partner Blind People’s association, India. So Far,, VOSAP has Enabled 6000+ SAPs with ‘Gift of Vision’.
    • See the images of our Surgical Intervention program here. To understand the full process, read further here.
  • Scholarship:
    • Scholarship Program is an initiative to provide financial assistance for post higher secondary education to Specially Abled students in the USA. The goal is to assist such students in creating a better future for themselves through higher education, enabling and empowering them with knowledge and skills.
    • Currently this program is for students of USA and we are working on extending this program to India with time.
  • Employment:
    • VOSAP believes that it is necessary to empower SAPs so they become self dependent, economically stable, live a better life and become taxpayers of the economy.
    • VOSAP provides help, guidance and infrastructure to people for making a living and earning their daily wages in the most honorable way.
    • VOSAP also launched its Job Portal

It makes us extremely happy that we are able to give wings to the dreams of People. See the Stories of our Beneficiaries here.

How can you help?

  1. Donate $100 to empower 1 SAP in India with a self-employment kit or assistive device for mobility
  2. Do you know SAP who needs device? Help fill their form online on our website.
  3. If you are a person with a position, authority, capability to hire, please explore and commit to giving employment to SAP. One gainfully employed SAP uplifts his /her life, his/her family and inspires his /her community so think of the multiplier, positive effects your action can have. VOSAP has few examples of volunteers who have already done this.

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