Nick Vujicic- Always Believe

” I honestly didn’t think miracles could ever come from my broken pieces and I was disabled in fear that my dreams would always remain as dreams. Don’t give up on you, don’t give up on God, don’t give up on love” – Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker born without limbs, has shared many inspiring messages throughout his career, often focusing on overcoming obstacles and finding hope in difficult circumstances. His messages often center around themes of hope, perseverance, and faith in overcoming challenges.

In this case, this quote said by Nick himself reflects a deep sense of doubt and struggle a human experience. He depicts this message through his initial beliefs that the personal challenges he faced were insurmountable, making it difficult for him to rise. To motivate his audience and readers, he gives a powerful reminder not to lose hope or faith despite hardships.

Here is the story of the hero himself!


Vujicic’s Childhood

The childhood of Nick Vujicic was not a very good one! In his speeches, he explains that the moment that he was born his parents were shocked to see that their son had to live the rest of his life with no arms or legs. According to Vujicic’s autobiography, his mother refused to see him or hold him immediately after his birth; she and her husband left the hospital after discharge. Nick was born in a third-world country in Melbourne, Australia, and later moved to Brisbane, Australia where he lived for 14 years before he moved to California. As a child, Nick faced bullying due to his medical condition which resulted in him feeling like a failure every day after going home. These feelings soon led him into depression at age 10. He eventually couldn’t handle the depression and attempted suicide by drowning himself. After several attempts, he realized that he didn’t want to leave his loved ones with the sadness of his death.


Accomplishments and Goal

Despite the amount of hate and bullying Nick faced in his childhood, he grew up to be one of the most famous speakers in the world. The motivational speeches he gives and interviews with different companies are spread awareness in society to make the environment a more inclusive place for specially abled people.

Nick Vujicic has been interested in being a leader since he was a kid. He was elected captain at MacGregor State in Queensland and worked with the student council on fundraising events for local charities and disability campaigns.

At the age of 17, he founded his non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs, and set a goal to become a motivational speaker and help others overcome their challenges. He worked hard and refused to let his disability hold him back.


Help is On the Way


Born without limbs, Nick thrives in the real world with a custom-made wheelchair to assist with mobility. He doesn’t use prosthetic limbs but has adapted to perform various tasks using his feet and toes. He also uses special tools such as a modified computer, customized utensils and tools, adaptive devices for personal care, and custom-built vehicles.

By using these tools, he achieves greatness in society and continues to make this world more inclusive for specially abled people.