Social Integration of Specially Abled People – The Solution – Part 1

The issue:

The solution:

Social Integration of Specially Abled People is one of the best way to empower them, make them feel one among us and lead a very happy life! The question is how does it happen?  We don’t have to make any big changes, just we have to have a big heart where we can accommodate these specially abled people in a smoother, normal way.

  1. It can start from home it self! If you are lucky to have a specially abled person in your home, make sure he/she is never reminded of his physical/mental shortcomings.  Make them feel wanted, let them be a normal part of the family, share lighter moments, never let the disability get stored in the mind!
  2. Let them feel the value of life, by making their life as much colourful as possible and let them rejoice the life. As you know that happiness has a little to do with the physical status, happiness comes from heart and lets bloom the hearts of the Specially Abled People.
  3. Find their special abilities! And I am sure they do have many special abilities! Promote those special abilities in a very big way and you can have a genius of your home, town, city, the Nation, and even the world,  who happens to be  Specially Abled Person also!
  4. Once the happiness quotient is optimum, we can build upon all the other social aspects of the person. We can help him/her to get self-employed or find a job as per his special abilities!
  5. If a Specially Abeld Person is mentally happy and economically self reliable, why can’t he/she get married? We can start a special Marriage Bureau for Specially Abled People, where they can find the like minded people, interact with them and if finds it suitable, get married! As of now, in India, very few Specially Abled People get married, we have lack of such platforms, lets create them and let them feel normal. We have a few bureaus but the postings on these bureaus are often made by their family members, and the person is not engaged directly!!
  6. How about having social clubs of specially abled people? Where they can nurture their hobbies and have it developed in a form of very fine art, profession or even a trend!
  7. Lets arrange food festival(s) of the SAP, by the SAP and for the SAP!
  8. Lets organize more and more sporting events for specially abled people. Government Of Gujarat held Olympics of the specially abled people, and they enjoyed it a lot: Here is the link to Shri Modiji’s “Mann Ki Baat” : 

    Shri Modiji did it very easily but in a great way! If we could have such events as part of government functions all over India! Its not only Gujarat’s duty, its our duty, its a national responsibility.

  9. If we can have chess tournaments, drawing competitions, essay writing competitions, speech competitions, singing competitions, debates, dialogues, of the SAP, by the SAP and for the SAP!
  10. Sometimes, the family is willing to make the specially abled person more integrated in the society, but the person himself/herself is not willing to do so! In such cases, lets motivate them, lets counsel them and make them ready to be integral part of the society.

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