Beach Wheelchair: Hippocampe

Beach wheelchair

Beach Wheelchair are game changer innovation for persons with physical disability. With various companies across globe now innovating beach wheelchair for PwDs to create more inclusive and accessible environment at beach, one of the innovation is Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair.

Designed by Patrice Faucogney, a career soldier and sports enthusiast, who ended up paraplegic after a snowboarding accident. At Ploemeur’s Kerpape physical therapy center in Morbihan, he met Vincent Leroy, where both of them decided to develop a wheelchair providing access to beaches and swimming, allowing the user to be autonomous over difficult terrain, easily disassembled, with small overall dimensions for easy storage in a vehicle or boat, and highly robust.

“Adapted sports activities became difficult to access alone, without any help. I wanted to remove the maximum of constraints to be active. That’s why we created Vipamat!” Patrice Faucogney, Vipamat Co-founder

Hippocampe sits low to the ground and can be self-propelled by the person sitting in it. This helps to avoid beach wheelchairs that only can be pushed by an able-bodied assistant. It give you access to adapted physical activity : hiking trails, snow, mountain, beach, surf.


Hippocampe beach wheelchair can be used as sand wheelchair to access to aquatic activities : handisurf, kayak for disabled people, swiming, adapted or even water skying.

  • Exists in four sizes : S, M, L and XL.
  • 130kg maximum authorized load.
  • Fully adaptable to needs : headrest, armrests, backrest, ballon wheels
  • Can access to any kind of terrains – Sand, gravel, grass, paths.
  • Easily transportable

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