4 railway stations in Bengaluru Division set to become disabled-friendly



4 railway stations in Bengaluru Division: Whitefield, Bengaluru Cantonment, KSR Bengaluru and the yet-to-be-launched Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal set to become disabled-friendly. City Headquartered Samarthanam Trust pushed this initiative.


List of Amenities that will be available:

  1. Multiple TV display screens (32 inch) installed at each of the stations that would beam videos in sign language for the speech and hearing impaired passengers:  videos or slides will highlight the location of important facilities like unreserved and reserved ticket counters, Parking, Entry and exit gates, Foot Over Bridge, Escalators, toilets, waiting rooms,etc
  2. For Visually Imapired: The route map of the railway station will have radium reflectors. Each platform and the flights of stairs too would be in colours of yellow and white while colour strips will be introduced for the glass doors and corridors.
  3. Ramp with railings at booking offices, height modification of Divyang passenger counters at booking office counter
  4. Modification of toilets inside general waiting room.


Credit: NewIndianExpress

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