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Voice of SAP, under the leadership of Mr. Pranav Desai, has been leading in bringing strong advocacy movement for Persons with Disabilities. Our founder is an advisor to the Government of India for disability-related initiatives and inspired to initiate a nationwide ‘Accessible India Campaign’. VOSAP has a special consultative status with Unite Nations ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) and it also is an organization approved for the ‘President’s Volunteer Service Award’ in the US, a prestigious and national award in the US, given for a high tier volunteering services of US citizens.

VOSAP has started a global mass movement of people dedicated to this cause, they have taken publicly visible pledges through the VOSAP mobile App to inspire action to be taken for Specially Abled People. Over 10,000 registered volunteers and 100+ leaders have been inspired and joined our mission.

VOSAP Advocacy is to create a momentum of the ‘Changemakers’ with their comprehensive, collective leadership, actions for the empowerment of millions of Specially Abled People (SAP) through inclusiveness, Access to better education, and creating Employment opportunities that help build a stronger society of 21st century. VOSAP has focused efforts for the advocacy efforts with Govt, Academia, corporates and organizations like CII (Confederation of Indian Industries), GCCI (Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries) and many similar bodies.

VOSAP is associated with international bodies like UN and many state and local government bodies like city of Los Angeles, San Jose, Noida, state of Gujarat and Delhi to advocate for accessibility, policy making etc.

As part of our ADVOCACY efforts, we engaged with the citizens through VOSAP Art from Heart, where we could reach around 2 million people, convey our message to a larger audience, and witnessed participation from 2,200+ artists from 45+ countries who gave voice to the Disability Sector along with VOSAP. This mass movement inspired 74%+ youth (below age 30), 15% Specially Abled Artist while 85% of participants with no disability!

Advocacy among Corporations is offered as the Disability Inclusion Index (DII) Framework- a data and research-driven framework- that quantifies and measures a company’s inclusivity of PwD based on a 100-point system.

On International Disability Day this year, we have successfully launched the World’s First Virtual Art Gallery on Disability for Social Inclusion which displays 250 pieces of artwork on disability from various artists and gives them a platform to showcase their talent. Watch the video here.

How can you help?

    1. You can also become a part of this BIG CHANGE yourself and take a VOSAP volunteer pledge of action to start advocating for the rights of SAPs in and around your sphere of influence.
    2. Be the advocate in your company with DII framework, if you are an employee
    3. Be the advocate as a student, as an architect, as a community leader, as an innovator and many other ways that you can to create better world for 1 B+ population with disabilities, globally

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