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Voice of SAP is an organization in ‘Special Consultative Status’with United Nation’s ECOSOC and has been working on creating an inclusive, accessible and empowered world for Specially Abled People. VOSAP focuses on ‘Ability’ of a person and believes that provides the right support, opportunity and help, a person can become self dependent. The goal is to empower them so they become economically independent and become a tax payer in the society.

VOSAP Founder, Shri Pranav Desai, is a Specially Abled Person with Polio since the age of 4. He is an Advisor to Government of India for Disability related Initiatives and is also the Champion who proposed the Accessible India Campaign. Under his Leadership, VOSAP is leading a strong Advocacy movement for Persons with Disabilities at all levels from grassroot to the Government.

VOSAP Advocacy is to create a momentum of the ‘Changemakers’ with their comprehensive, collective leadership, actions for the empowerment of millions of Specially Abled People (SAP) through inclusiveness, Access to better education, and creating Employment opportunities that help build a stronger society of 21st century. VOSAP has focused efforts for the Advocacy with United Nations, Governments, Corporates, Assistive Technology, Academia, Artists and Youth and is engaging people, volunteers from all sorts of backgrounds to come and work together to make this world a better place.

VOSAP Advocacy

  • United Nations
    • VOSAP has ‘Special Consultative Status’with United Nation’s ECOSOC.
    • Presented Oral Statements in Person and Virtually on various aspects of Disability in last 4 years at UN CRPD, CSW and many more…
  • Government
    • US – Engagement with City of San Jose, Los Angeles for Accessibility.
      Met with US Congressman Brad Sherman, promoting ADA 2.0, proposed recommendations for various initiatives, PVSA For Youth Volunteering
    • India – Worked with PM office for Accessible India Campaign, framework for RPWD Act 2016
  • Corporates
    • Disability Inclusion Index (DII) Framework- a data and research-driven framework- that quantifies and measures a company’s inclusivity of PwD based on a 100-point system.
    • Engaging with Corporates like CII (Confederation of Indian Industries, GCCI (Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries), and many more
  • Academia
    • US – Data Driven Research with UC Berkeley, Research Program for College Students
    • India – AT Hackathon with Engineering Colleges like LD College, Dr.Abdul Kalam Technical University, GTU to promote innovations in Assistive Technology Sector

Volunteering Programs with Nirma University, GTU

  • Assistive Technology
    • World’s First 3D Virtual Assistive Technology Exhibition with 31 Exhibitors from across the world to bridge the gap between innovators,suppliers and consumers, organizations and promote Adoption of Assistive Technology.
    • International AT Hackathon to promote innovations in AT sector by engaging Young innovators, startups
    • Online application to apply for subsidized devices.
  • Artists
    • Engaged 4,200+ Artists from 50+ Countries to create Artwork on theme of ‘Disability’, created World’s First 3D Virtual Art Gallery of beautiful Artwork of 250+ Artists to sensitize people to think towards Disability.
    • VOSAP Art Gallery was also recognised by Hon. PM of India Shri Narendra Modiji in his monthly address to the Nation in ‘Mann ki Baat’ on April 24. See the Video here.
  • Youth
    • VOSAP Collegiate Program for College students in USA
    • VOSAP Ignite Program for Highschool students in USA
  • Volunteering
    • Volunteering with VOSAP Mobile App
      Accessibility Ratings of Public Places, Sharing Inspirational Stories, Volunteer Updates and Articles on Disability
    • Help Beneficiaries file Online Application to receive Assistive Devices.

How can you help?

  • You can also become a part of this BIG CHANGE yourself and take a VOSAP volunteer pledge of action to start advocating for the rights of SAPs in and around your sphere of influence.
  • Be the advocate in your company with DII framework, if you are an employee.
  • Be the advocate as a student, as an architect, as a community leader, as an innovator and many other ways that you can to create better world for 1 B+ population with disabilities, globally.

Join the Mission by Downloading VOSAP Mobile App on iOS/Android and become an Advocate, Voice for Rights of Specially Abled People. Inspire your friends, family and community to become part of this Change.

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