Please join us live on (or subscribe to VOSAP youtube channel) to celebrate International Day for Persons with Disabilities by recognizing 50 winners from 23 countries who participated in VOSAP Art from Heart Contest. We will launch online VOSAP Art Gallery of selected 250 artwork on theme of DISABILITY. Year 2020 has been very hard for many Specially Abled People across the world so VOSAP volunteers, partners and donors stepped up their efforts, demonstrated their strong resolve to help them in ways more than what we did in previous years at VOSAP. Learn more on our social impact, how we are changing life on the ground during this live event.
Most importantly, get inspired form amazing motivational speakers and volunteers of Voice of SAP who will share their life story to encourage everyone to do more! Jessica Cox is 1st licensed pilot with no arms! She will talk to all of us. Sparsh Shah, born with 33 fractures is now one of the world’s greatest motivator, will host the event, perform songs and motivate all of us!


To learn more about VOSAP’s social impact, here are the links.

  1. VOSAP Art from Heart for Social Transformation to promote inclusion –
  2. COVID19 relief efforts –
  3. Individual Enablement –
  4. VOSAP Collegiate for engaging youth in US universities.
  5. Accessibility ratings of 16,000+ places –

Join our team of change-makers to drive disproportionate impact!

Grand Sponsor: Sarva Mangal Family Trust (Shri Manubhai and Rika Shah)

Event Sponsors:

Tarsadia Foundation


AST Enzymes

List of Esteemed sponsors

  1. VIPO Global (P. P. Goswami Shri Dwarkeshlal ji Maharajshri)
  2. Doshi Family Charitable Fund (Shri Rohit and Rita Doshi)
  3. Agarwal Family Foundation (Shri Avadhesh and Uma Agarwal)
  4. Raj Rana Family Charitable Fund
  5. SRAI (Shri Ajit and Surbhi Shah)
  6. Hart Foundation (Shri Rajubhai Patel)