VOSAP Art from Heart Contest 2020 – FINALISTS ANNOUNCED!


Voice of SAP is a global advocacy non profit organization, promoting Empowerment of Specially Abled People (SAP). The initiative “VOSAP Art from Heart” is aimed at spreading awareness, bring out emotions, beautiful expressions of creative mind, giving powerful message as an art work to promote Inclusion. Learn more about voice of sap in this 2.5 mins short vdo clip

Here is the list of all finalists in each category of this contest! We congratulate them for their creativity, compassion and Empathy to give expression for theme of DISABILITY. They are trendsetters, leaders for thousands of future artists to follow them to embrace creativity and accept challenge to do something new!

Please click here to find the finalists from 23 countries!!!


Join us on FB live (voiceofsap) to congratulate 50 winners of this contest on Dec 5 Award Ceremony!!!


Voice of SAP thanks the donors and sponsors of this event on Dec 5.


Grand Sponsor: Sarva Mangal Family Trust (Shri Manubhai and Rika Shah)


Event Sponsors:

Tarsadia Foundation

AST Enzymes

****Please read more about the background of this Initiative.****

Theme: Disability

Examples: Participant can portray emotions, anxiety, aspirations, dreams of a Specially Abled Person. It can also be related to real life challenges faced in the society by Visually impaired, Mobility impaired, Hearing impaired or Learning disability of Specially Abled People (SAP).

This International Art contest will help participants and families to think deeply about 15% of global population, considered Persons with Disabilities. During COVID19 pandemic, while stress levels are high, thinking of SAP may provide opportunity to understand lesser known aspects of the lives of Persons with Disabilities and get inspired to give profound, inspiring message for their inclusion in society with best of artistic talent.

Our judges for professional artist category are of International repute like Amanda Lynn, Charan Sharma, Dr Debashish banerji, who are great inspiration for many artists!!! We also have very reputed artists as judges on the panel for aspiring artists – Dr Kamakar Datta, Bhavin Kothari (National Institute of Design). Total panel of 9 judges from the US, Indian and UK will provide their ratings. Panel of judges include Gloria Muriel, Zahir Shaikh, Bakulesh Joshi and Vaidehi Parekh (Art Director, San Jose)

Our advisers include Dolly Parikh, Amanda Lynn and Chinar Desai.

Please Read Rules and Guidelines for this Art Contest. Click the link here

Step 1: Registration – CLOSED on Jul 31 2020

Step 2: Submission – CLOSED on Aug 31 2020


Thank you all for participating. Results will be declared in October end.

Meanwhile share your artwork tagging vosap.official (insta account) and keep spreading awareness on disability with your creativity!


Examples of Paintings with message on DISABILITY:


“Unconditional” from Ms Amanda Lynn     “Determination” – Dr Kamakar Datta      “The Ride” from Adarsh Bajji