“I am the Ultimate” workshop(s) for SAP – Mother’s Language Lab

“I am the Ultimate” workshop(s) for SAP – Mother’s Language Lab


Visually Impaired – Specially Abled Participants, participating in one of the activities of “I am The Ultimate”- Workshop

Visually Impaired - Specially Abled participating in one of the activities of - "I am The Ultimate"

Mother’s Language Lab conducts “I am The Ultimate” workshops for various types of SAPs, recently it conducted it for the visually impaired people. But it was conducted for various other SAPs also. For this workshop(s), minimum 2 abilities are needed, listening and speaking.

What is “I am The Ultimate” workshop? These workshops are meant for providing interpersonal skills, motivation and fun to the Specially Abled People. It will help them get some basic communication skills, will increase their confidence level, will definitely make them happy as everything will be imparted subconsciously using various games and activities, at the last stage of the workshop, some special activity will be introduced, based on the present participants’ abilities, educational qualification(s) and interest levels.

It will help all the specially abled participants, the participants should have listening and speaking abilities, and should be able to understand English/Hindi. I prefer to conduct it in English but the language shouldn’t be a barrier so if required, it can be conducted in Hindi also, or even it can be bi-lingual (English & Hindi).

I have developed nearly 5000+ games and activities, based on the audience, achievable goals of the workshop, I use 12 games/activities in a workshop. If parent(s)/spouse want to join the workshop, they can join.

If parents/spouse also join the workshop it will ultimately help the Specially Abled People, because after the workshop, parents can repeat those games/activities at home to achieve the achievable.

There are main 4 achievable goals of the workshop:
1. Boost communication skills – 3 games/activities
2. Increase Confidence level – 3 games/activities
3. Maximize happiness quotient – 3 games/activities
4. Motivate to lead life with special activities – 3 games/activities
Basic Details of the workshop:
Workshop duration 12 hours (6 + 6) 2 days
Age group: 16 years onwards
Minimum Participants: 15
Maximum Participants: 100
Such workshop(s) can be organized in your NGOs, Organizations, companies, town/city, I will come and conduct. These workshop(s) are conducted with help of sponsor(s). I mean, for the participant(s), it should be at free of cost, but the organizer(s) should find some sponsor(s). We charge very much nominal fees for these workshop(s), based on the target audience, number of participants, their financial back ground and availability of the sponsor(s).
If interested, kindly contact : md@motherslanguage.in or register at www.motherslanguage.in



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