VOSAP Impact in Feb – March 2024

Newsletter Highlights


  • Retired Air Marshall, Sunil Nanodkar joins VOSAP as Leader in Goa
  • VOSAP Team met with several Leaders of Northeast India


  • Hosted Art from Heart contest in Houston
  • Volunteers celebrate Art Contest at Holi in Virginia
  • Suhani received PVSA for volunteering 175+ hours
  • Southern California Igniters visited Assistive Technology Expo
  • Houston Igniters organized Debate contest on DISABILITY topics
  • VOSAP Ignite applications for New Batch 2024 started


  • Enablement of 2,900+ Specially Abled People wth assistive devices and Surgical Intervention in Feb-March 2024

Enablement with Assistive Device:

  • Mass enablement events at Kashmir, Maharashtra,Karnataka and Gujarat
  • Individual Enablement with Signable app, Kibo App, Kibo XS Device and Commode Wheelchair

Enablement with Surgical Interventions:

  • 2,000 Eye Surgeries at Ayodhya
  • Eye Surgeries at Porecha Eye Hospital

Enablement with Scholarship :

  • New application of Scholarship 2024 open

Dear VOSAP friends and Supporters,

Happy Holi to All!

Today, we are thrilled to share the impact made by Voice of SAP in the month of February and March 2024.

  1. Retired AVM Sunil Nanodkar joins VOSAP Mission as Leader in Goa

    VOSAP welcomes AVM Sunil Nanodkar AVSM VM VSM (Veteran), fondly known as Sunil Dada, as the esteemed leader of our Goa Chapter!With such a distinguished career in serving our nation and now dedicated to empowering specially abled individuals, Sunil Dada brings invaluable experience and passion to our cause. His commitment to creating a more inclusive society aligns perfectly with VOSAP’s mission of advocating for the rights and inclusion of specially abled people.As the leader of our Goa Chapter, Sunil Dada will play a pivotal role in driving positive change and fostering greater opportunities for the specially abled community in the region per signed MoU.

  2. VOSAP Outreach leader Dr Uttam Ojha met with several Leaders of Northeast India

    In a strategic trip to Northeast India, VOSAP representative met with Leaders in 11 states to understand the situation of Persons with Disabilities, meet Governors and other key Leaders there.

    During meeting with 4 state Governors of Bihar, Assam, Mizoram and Sikkim, we presented what VOSAP can do in their states with youth volunteering in colleges, providing innovative assistive deivces and engage with reputed local NGO to work with.

  3. Enablement of 2,900+ Specially Abled People with Assistive Devices and Surgical Intervention.

    Last 2 months were historic for VOSAP for enabling 2,900+ Specially Abled People in several locations in India. During these events, VOSAP Founder emphasized how enabling each Specially Abled People translates into economic contribution, in addtion to providing opportunity to live with dignity, become independent.

Sayla, Surendranagar: On February 07, VOSAP enabled 123 Specially Abled People with innovative Assistive Devices and self employment kits at Sayla, Surendranagar. The event was joined by Social Defence Officer Shri Amitbhai Bhatt and Sarpanch of Sayla Shri Ajaysinh Zala. VOSAP Founder, Advisor and team joined the event virtually and in Person.

Gund, Jammu and Kashmir: On February 08, VOSAP enabled Specially Abled People with innovative Assistive Devices and self employment kits at Gund, Jammu and Kashmir The event was joined by Colonel Kulbhushan Singh ji, Comdt 34 Assam Rifles, Major Anil and other Army members. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHrriGAkaUk. We thank Dr Nishtha Thakar, our volunteer to connect us to 34 Assam Rifles, Indian Army.

Kolhapur, Maharashtra and Belgaum, Karnataka:
On Marh 7, VOSAP enabled 53 Specially Abled people with assistive devices and self employment kits at Kolhapur, Maharashtra

On March 27, Belgaum, Karnataka, another 69 were enabled in presence of several local leaders and volunteers of VOSAP and APH team were present during the event. It inspired leaders of Hubli, Karnataka and that team requested VOSAP to support them to organize the event there.

Individual Enablement with Signable app, Kibo App, Kibo XS Device and Commode Wheelchair:
VOSAP enabled 70 Hearing impaired individuals with Signable App for communication, 42 Visually impaired individuals with Kibo XS Device and Kibo App and 3 individuals with locomotor disabilities with Commode Wheelchair. VOSAP has been subsidizing these innovative devices and services to increase adoption and affordability for Specially Abled People. To learn more about the products, visit VOSAP AT Exhibition at events.voiceofsap.org

Surgical Intervention at Ayodhya: VOSAP’s Gift of Vision program expands in Ayodhya! VOSAP enabled 762 specially abled people in Nov 2023 with the gift of vision. In Mar 2024 VOSAP has enabled 2,000 blind people from March 4 to March 31 with Surgical Intervention.

With the blessings of P.P. Swami Shri Nritya Gopal Das Maharajshri ji, and in presence of Swami Shri Kamal Nayan Shastri ji and MP Shri Lallu Singh the surgical intervention program was inaugurated.

Through the collaboration of dedicated volunteers, medical professionals, and the support of Kalyanam Karoti in the Ayodhya region, VOSAP’s Gift of Vision program will create a significant impact on ground.

Learn more about past and upcoming events on : www.voiceofsap.org/vosap-event/

Enablement with Scholarship: Following the success of VOSAP Scholarship program launched in 2022, and expansion in 2023, the application for this years are now open. For further details, visit VOSAP Website : www.voiceofsap.org/scholarship-2024/

VOSAP Youth Advocacy: Impact by VOSAP Ignite Volunteers

  • Our VOSAP Ignite Students and Volunteers in Virginia came together to celebrate Holi and created artwork on the theme of ‘Disability’. The Volunteers ignited conversations and raised awareness about the importance of inclusivity and took VOSAP mission to community.
  • VOSAP Ignite volunteers organized Art from Heart contest in Houston, TX on theme of DISABILITY to promote awareness and compassion among school students.
  • Juhi Pancholy, Aashita Anand and Shloke Dave also received their PVSA certificate signed by President Biden and Gold medal during the event for volunteering 100+ hours.
  • Our young high schooler of VOSAP Ignite Program, Suhani Mehta have received national honor with prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) and letter of appreciation signed by President Biden for her volunteering service of 175+ hours.
  • VOSAP Ignite Volunteers and team visited Abilities Expo. The Abilities Expo showcased several Assistive Technology innovative products and solutions for people with locomotor disability. From groundbreaking technologies to inspiring exhibitors, the expo served as a testament to the power of community and the transformative potential of technology in improving quality of life
  • VOSAP Ignite Houston team organized Debate contest on topics related to disability. 16 highschoolers participated in this parliamentary style debate contest.

VOSAP Ignite applications for New Batch 2024 is open now: New batch will start from August and Applications are open now for Fall 2024 : https://forms.gle/w1UvVEaTTZAcJfpn8

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