In the pursuit of achieving the goal of fully inclusive and developed India by 2047, Voice of SAP (Specially Abled People), in alignment with its Vision 2047, presents its manifesto appeal.

Building upon the successes and lessons of Vision 2020, the founders of VOSAP have outlined a roadmap for Vision 2047: 15% of India’s Divyangjan (persons with disabilities population) actively contribute to the nation’s economic expansion. The goal is to achieve inclusion everywhere by 2047, celebrating 100 years of India’s independence wherein the disability sector economy would be thriving, contributing $1 Trillion.

Below is the Manifesto Appeal, Vision for Viksit Bharat by Voice of SAP:

  1. Accessibility Everywhere physical and digital accessibility for full participation of Divyangjan to learn, earn and live with dignity to achieve their full potential of contributing to the economy.
  2. Equal level of literacy among Specially abled children in school and colleges by providing innovative assistive products to learn, provide mobility and mandating fully accessible premises such as accessible toilets, classrooms and digital course content.
  3. Every Divyangjan receives UDID cards for their smooth integration in society, moving anywhere in the country without losing any benefits.
  4. Programs to lower birth related disabilities in line with developed countries.
  5. Tax incentives for creating lacs of new disability related jobs like home healthcare etc., for expenses incurred by the family of Divyangjan, businesses to provide jobs, access, assistive devices etc. for helping Divyangjan.
  6. Develop strong ecosystem and policy measures for promoting innovations with AI, robotics and other assistive technologies for affordable assistive products for enabling every Divyangjan. This can lead Bharat to become a global leader, to help Divyangjan around the world.
  7. Strengthening, simplifying government programs to deliver intended benefits of supporting small businesses run by Divyangjan, housing for Divyangjan, rehabilitation centers, Insurance coverage for Divyangjan for active economic participation.
  8. Strengthen and aid volunteer organizations helping Divyangjan by providing CSR policy support with set level of resource allocation
  9. Government to Invest into specialized skill development of Divyangjan for their participation in computer, solar, retail, back office related jobs and participating in para sports

Through the implementation of these initiatives, we envision a future where Divyangjan are not looked upon as subjects to charity or sympathy but active contributors to India’s socio-economic development. By harnessing their talents, creativity, and resilience, we believe that Viksit Bharat 2047 will truly embody the principles of inclusivity, equality, and prosperity for all.

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