Breaking Barriers with Determination and Positivity: Sneha

From a village with no school to working with global clients, Sneha Khaitan’s journey is exceptional.

Born with Muscular Dystrophy, Sneha’s challenges began at a young age. Her immobility restricted her from going to school regularly. She only went to give her exams. After completing her 10th grade, she asked her father if he could get her a laptop. She was frustrated with the poor quality of education she received at the government school.

Sneha was determined to do something with her life and believed a laptop would provide her with the avenue to learn and explore the world. She was so enthusiastic about learning that she continued to upskill herself despite only having 2G internet connectivity (via her phone) in her rural village of Pirpainti in Bihar. Sneha enrolled for a course in Online Business Management, and it was during that time she met her mentor.

Her mentor recognised the creativity bursting in Sneha and encouraged her to explore ‘Graphic Designing’, a career path she didn’t even know existed. So, with the support of her mentor, she acquired the softwares and skills to begin her journey as a ‘Graphic Designer’.

She also participated in a beauty contest in Bangalore, India, called the Miss Wheelchair India. She considers the event a turning point in her life journey. Sneha fondly recollects, “It was following the contest that my confidence was boosted, and I knew that design was a path for me. I was so encouraged to pursue it as a career.” 

In 2016, Sneha launched SK Designs and began actively working with clients across the globe. Today, Sneha works with over six organisations, including VOSAP. She shares on her path in design “Design has completely changed my life. I am now completely independent, and my whole family is extremely proud of what I have achieved. It was through design that I even met my husband. He has always been so supportive and often shares how proud he is of me. He constantly motivates and encourages me.”

When asked about what keeps her motivated, Sneha shares, “I don’t believe in wasting time. We must all focus on the solutions instead of the problems. In my own life, I often think that if I had focused on all my challenges, I would not be able to achieve the things I have today. If I had wasted time and not pushed myself to improve my situation, my life would have been very different.” 

While her determination is commendable, it is also wonderful to see the immense support she has received from her parents. Sneha shares with us “My parents have always been so supportive. From getting me a laptop so I could learn to  air tickets for me to travel to Bangalore for the contest, my parents always ensured I could do anything I set my mind to.”

Sneha currently lives with her husband and child in Kolkata, India. She works as an independent Graphic Designer. She is truly a wonderful role model for specially-abled people.  “I am completely independent today. Thanks to my powered wheelchair, I can do everything on my own, from cooking to taking care of my baby. I always keep my head held high and look at the bright side of things.” she says. 

We at VOSAP are proud to have such an inspiring and determined team member. More power to you, Sneha!

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