Experience Happiness with Volunteering

Experience Happiness with Volunteering – Select from list of tasks

In the efforts of spreading happiness, inspiring more people to join our mass movement of promoting Empowerment, Accessibility for Divyang jan (Specially Abled People), we have emerged as a global team of volunteers, built with the strength of 8,300+ volunteers, who have contributed their time, energy, money, skills, ideas and resources to bring it to the stage it is today and all the success and impact that has been achieved in such a short time is because of the collective effort of volunteers.

With extremely busy and stressful lives, it is challenging to find time to volunteer. However, research studies from Harvard, London School of Economics etc. and our own experience with VOSAP mission have unequivocally established that Volunteering positively impacts health, happiness, career goals, and overall enrichment of life.

The Happiness Effect: Four ways that volunteering enriches lives (Harvard Publication).

  1. Volunteering connects you to new people that share your interest and enhances social skills
  2. Volunteering is GOOD for the mind and body – gives sense of purpose, helps physical health by counteracting stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness etc.
  3. Volunteering brings joy and fulfillment to life -harnessing creativity, motivation, vision to do good for others carries over in personal and professional life too.
  4. Volunteering can help learn many job skills in a friendly, less stressful environment like public speaking, communication, marketing, team work etc.

Volunteering for VoSAP can bring happiness, satisfaction plus reshape our values, spur new awareness, both spiritual and emotional. Volunteering often brings about a new understanding, perspective, inspiration by spending time, engaging with community of Specially Abled People.

Through service to others, we are all defining and “practicing” the kind of human being we want to be – in each moment, in each decision, in every new encounter.

Anyone and Everyone can volunteer! In today’s digitally connected world we have many options to volunteer. Think beyond physical volunteering such as using phone, mobile app, social media for awareness creation, online research, sharing of knowledge and providing skills needed by the organization. Think of calling family and friends to inspire, share VoSAP perspective in this new year 2018. These are all high impact volunteer efforts if you cannot get involved because of physical or logistical challenges.

We encourage all to inspire everyone to volunteer, be a “CHANGE-MAKER” to make their community accessible and inclusive.

By giving just a few hours a week, lifetime enrichment can be attained.

Bear in mind that the most valuable skills you can bring to the VoSAP volunteer efforts are passion and a positive attitude!

Want to experience? Take the pledge today with VoSAP Mobile app and step up the volunteering efforts!

No amount of preaching will ever bring change but;

  1. Every visible change in infrastructure like a ramp,
  2. Every school with Specially Abled Students
  3. Every workplace with Specially Abled Employees, WILL!!

With this volunteers led mass movement, VoSAP aims to create CHANGE that is “VISIBLE” and “EXPERIENCED” because “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS”.

Pranav Desai
Founder, Voice of SAP

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  1. Really, I appriciate this gesture towards spreading happiness via Voice of SAP. I have gone through this article and I found this innitiative to volunteer for Divyang People.

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