Social Integration of Specially Abled People – The Solution–Part 2 – Example -1

When we talk about the social integration of Specially Abled People in Karnataka, India, I can’t stop my self thinking of Shri C.V.Joshi. In part 1 of this article we talked about family support, how family members can boost the morals of such person(s), and Shri C.V.Joshi was lucky enough to get that at its best! He sailed through all the obstacles. He accomplished his Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Science from Karnataka University, in 1992 with first class. This was possible, just because of a very strong moral, valuable support of his family. And now he is one of the celebrity Specially Abled People in India. I am delighted to describe his great successful, inspirational journey:
  • He was affected by polio in 1970, when he was 11 months old. His mother stood by him and took challenge to make him a great person. He faced many issues in walking and going to school in villages where his family lived. With his high mental will power, he always believed in himself as he is the best in the lot. He always topped in his class. Topped in the Karnataka state for Physically Handicapped category at PU-CET exams in 1988. He challengingly chose software engineering field, and there also he did succeed. He hated any sympathy.
  • He had a dream to drive car. His first car was a used,  low cost car, where he got modified to have hand controls. There was no teacher to teach him. He himself learnt driving and today he drives an advanced car and goes for very long drives.
  • He set the role model for others in the family and profession. Lot of people follow him. In profession, he also significantly helps the ramp-up/staffing on other projects.
  • He is passionate about cricket. With one crutch in one hand and bat on the other, he practiced as defensive opening batsman for his class and street teams. He captained the team for the duration of four years won number of matches.
  • Though he can walk only with the help of crutches, he travels all over the country quite frequently. He independently travels long distances to help organizational activities. He has also toured USA multiple times.
  • Training and career guidance is his passion and hobby. He has enlightened career of many people.  Have worked as Director for Vocational Services in the Rotary Club Hubli in 1994 and executed a state level project in the area of career guidance.
  • And also actively participated in many Rotary polio pulse programs by visiting and motivating especially “Slum” area people.
  • He has noble dream and ambition to establish career guidance centre for physically challenged people.

Some of the highlights of his career

  • National Award was presented by President Dr Abdul Kalam on Dec 3rd, 2006, for Life Time Professional Achievements.
Video :
  • Karnataka State Award in 2013 for Professional Excellence.
  • IBM-AT&T awards for delivery excellence and successful migration of new business (growing team from 90+ to 250+ in one year)
  • IBM annual excellence award for quick team ramp up and business growth. (IBM-Siebel Performance Engineering)
  • Best People Manager Award in IBM-STC for the year 2006. (IBM employees survey – 2006)
  • IBM Eminence and Excellence Award for Leadership and People Focus in 2011 and People Management Beacon Award 2012  VIDEO:
    • US patent as Co-inventor for the concept “DRM on Live Streaming” in Celstream Technologies
      • In Celsteram he was awarded for innovative prototype development on “DRM for Streaming Media”.
      • In BFL Software, awarded for transformation of business unit from crisis to effectiveness/efficiency and growth.
      • Published a technical paper in IBM’s practitioners’ forum on “Function Points Based Effort Estimation for Performance Engineering”.
He is happily married with a highly devoted, lovely wife, Ambuja since 1996, he has one daughter Vaidehi, who studies in Bangalore.

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