There are about 18 million deaf individuals in India, of whom only 4.5 million currently use Indian Sign Language (ISL) for communication. With a mere 350 certified sign language interpreters available in the country, there exists a significant gap in accessibility for the deaf community. Signable is India’s pioneering on-demand ISL interpretation service tailored for the deaf community.

Utilizing Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) and Video Relay Service (VRS), SignAble delivers live interpretation in Indian Sign Language, breaking down communication barriers and fostering a sense of autonomy for the deaf.

The users have to pay for one month of the SignAble app (that offers unlimited live calls), and through VOSAP’s support, this service is extended free of charge for an entire year.With VOSAP’s support, this initiative not only strives to make communication more accessible but also enjoys helping the hearing and speech-impaired community gain economic autonomy. 

Afroz Sheikh’s life took a dramatic turn when he discovered the power of communication through the Signable app. Living with a 100% hearing impairment in Maharashtra, Afroz faced immense challenges before 2020. Without a means to communicate effectively, he felt isolated and unsupported in a world that seemed inaccessible.

However, everything changed when Afroz embraced the Signable app. For the past three years, this innovative technology has been his gateway to the world, connecting him with others through sign language interpreters. With Signable, Afroz found a lifeline, a tool that empowered him to break down communication barriers and engage with the world around him.

The impact of Signable on Afroz’s life has been profound. No longer confined to silence, he now runs an egg shop, confidently communicating with vendors and customers alike. Through the app’s interpreter services, Afroz navigates daily transactions, manages his business affairs, and interacts with his community with ease.

The transformation in Afroz’s life is not just about running a successful business; it’s about reclaiming his independence and finding his voice in a world that once seemed indifferent to his needs. With Signable, he has overcome the limitations imposed by his hearing impairment, proving that technology, coupled with determination, can pave the way for empowerment and inclusion.

Today, Afroz’s monthly income from his egg shop reaches up to 5000 rupees—a testament to his resilience and the transformative power of communication. His story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges, showing them that with the right tools and support, anything is possible.

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