Voice of SAP is on a mission to empower the lives of Specially Abled People with various enablement initiatives. VOSAP has changed the lives of 15,000 SAP up until now.


VOSAP believes that by enabling Specially Abled People with Assistive Devices, we can give them a chance to excel, become economically independent and be tax-paying citizens, contributing to the national GDP.


VOSAP understands the importance of innovative  Assistive devices, how they enhance the abilities and help create better opportunities for SAP. To scale the adoption of Assistive Devices and make sure that SAPs get access and benefits of the innovative technology at affordable price levels, VOSAP has launched multiple Subsidy Schemes with their  AT partners and exhibitors.




  • VOSAP Kibo XS DeviceKibo XS device: A product of Trestle Labs, ( AT partner and exhibitor), KIBO XS device can be used to Scan hardcopy, printed and handwritten documents to listen, translate, digitize and audio’tize content by Visually Impaired people.
  • The retail price of Kibo XS device with Annual Kibo XS web software license is Rs.31,000 and Kibo XS Device with Perpetual Kibo XS web software license is at Rs.49,000.
  • With VOSAP Subsidy and Special Pricing, this device is available to Visually Impaired people at a price of  Rs.10,000 for Annual license and Rs. 27,000 rupees for Perpetual license.
  • To avail the subsidy, you can apply at VOSAP Website on www.voiceofsap.org/enablement-devices/


In the month of February-March 2023, VOSAP enabled 11 Visually Impaired People with Kibo XS Device by its Trestle Labs.


We are pleased to share a few examples of our beneficiaries who received Kibo XS Device under VOSAP Subsidy Scheme:


VOSAP Subsidy Scheme to make KIBO XS Device affordable for Visually Impaired SAP

Nandita Ravindra Tripathi is lawyer from Nagpur, Maharashtra with 100% Visual Impairment.


As part of the Subsidy scheme she received the device in February 2023 and has been using the device for more than a month now. Being a lawyer herself she has to review documents, annexures, and prepare for case proceedings and the device is helping her do it effectively and is also able to translate in regional languages. She is currently using it for reviewing and preparing documents in Hindi, English and Marathi.


She was very grateful to VOSAP for launching a subsidy scheme so that she could get a device at low cost that was affordable for her. She further shared “Since the COVID hit, my income was low and if the subsidy scheme wasn’t available, it would have been very difficult for me to afford the device. I am thankful to Voice of SAP for providing subsidy and supporting us.”


“Access to innovative devices made convenient”

Hariom Thakur hails from Mandala, Madhya Pradesh and is 100% Visually Impaired.


Hariom is a government employee and is working as Assistant C&W. He received the Kibo XS device in the month of February 2023. He uses it to read different documents, papers and books, translate and use it in regional language with good accuracy.


He was very appreciative of Voice of SAP support and was very happy to receive the device. He shared  “This device is helpful to Visually Impaired people like me and the subsidy provided has made access to the device convenient.”


Helping Govt Exam Aspirant achieve his dreams !


Sharath is from Bengaluru, Karnataka, with 100% Visual Impairment. He is pursuing M.Com and preparing for the government and banking exams. When we called him to know how the  device is being used he was happy to share that the device has been of great help to him in his studies and exam preparation. He uses it to read study material,notes, books and hardcopies.


He added that this device is much needed for visually impaired people, and because of the subsidy scheme he was interested in buying, which would otherwise be unaffordable for him.



These beneficiaries are just a few examples. We are glad that our efforts are transforming so many lives and making so many people confident and independent.


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VOSAP is always ready to enable and empower Specially Abled People. Need an Assistive Device? Apply today at : www.voiceofsap.org/enablement-devices/ Visit VOSAP’s Virtual Assistive Technology Exhibition to learn about more products at:  events.voiceofsap.org


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