On June 14, 2024, Voice of SAP (VOSAP) founders and team met virtually with the leadership team (25+ Executive Committee Members representing their states) of Parivaar NCPO to discuss next steps for implementation of groundbreaking collaboration, project HITARTH aimed at enhancing healthcare accessibility for people with intellectual disabilities. 

The synergy between these two organizations is set to create a substantial impact, providing much-needed healthcare support to a vulnerable section of society i.e. people with intellectual and developmental disabilities

During the zoom meeting, key discussions took place focusing on the next steps in implementation of Project Hitarth. The agenda covered introductions of Executive Committee Members, Hitarth Project Details, Identifying Hitarth Sahayak, Providing training, how the online system will work.

  1. Introduction of Executive Committee Members: The meeting was spearheaded by VOSAP’s founder and the leadership team of Parivaar NCPO, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts in driving the project forward. Executive Committee Members introduced themselves and shared their experiences with the Niramaya Scheme.
  2. Online System: Dr. Pankaj Maru of Parivaar NCPO explained to Executive Committee Members as to how the online system will work to track the beneficiary data including expense reimbursements. The Head Office of Parivaar NCPO will have a program manager for helping Hitarth Sahayak answer any questions or clarity to member organizations of Parivaar NCPO. There will be proper training on how to use the online system provided to the Hitarth Sahayak identified by member Organizations.
  3. Role and appointment of Hitarth Sahayak: The project will involve the hiring of dedicated individuals known as Hitarth Sahayak which will be approved by Parivaar NCPO. These Sahayaks will play a crucial role in guiding and assisting parents and guardians of beneficiaries through the process of availing healthcare benefits and also ensure uploading all the details to the online system. This position would be for someone who understands the online platforms, use of computer and has basic skills in english.

Project Hitarth stands as a beacon of hope for individuals with intellectual disabilities, promising them better access to essential healthcare services. By leveraging technology and creating a structured support system, VOSAP and Parivaar NCPO aim to overcome the barriers that often impede access to healthcare for this vulnerable group.

The past president, board members, and National Trust Board members are very excited for the Project Hitarth and believe that this program is the solution for effective implementation of “Niramaya” Scheme of the government of India.

With the successful launch and execution of Project Hitarth, VOSAP and Parivaar NCPO are poised to make a lasting impact, ensuring that individuals with intellectual disabilities receive the care and support they rightfully deserve.

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