Subhan Shafiq

I appreciate the mission undertaken by Voice of SAP team and I would like to support the good cause
for Divyang jan i.e. I pledge , In Student Category

As a passionate advocate for inclusivity and equal rights for all, I pledge my unwavering support to the Voice Of Specially Abled People initiative. I firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their abilities, deserves respect, dignity, and opportunities to thrive.

I commit to using my voice to raise awareness about the challenges faced by specially-abled people, championing their rights, and promoting a more inclusive society. I will actively engage with the content and resources provided by this platform, seeking to educate myself and others on the diverse experiences and perspectives of specially-abled individuals.

I promise to stand as an ally, listening to their voices, understanding their needs, and advocating for the necessary changes in policies, institutions, and attitudes that can create a more accessible and supportive world for everyone.