Nirma Uni 1st to join VoSAP’s Youth Connect program

With great teamwork, initiative and deep commitment for the cause, Voice of SAP’s volunteers have launched  YOUTH CONNECT program and Nirma Institute of Science is the 1st institute to join hands with VoSAP.

VoSAP's volunteer Manisha ji, who is an expert life motivational speaker, conducted special class to inspire master degree students for VoSAP mission. We have now hundreds of pledges from students to volunteer for Voice of SAP, become CHANGE AGENTS.👍👏

VoSAP aims to have 50 such sessions in selected colleges to inspire over 5,000 students as part of the mass movement for accelerating social transformation with youth joining as volunteers.

Nirma Institute of Science made the history by being the 1st partner with VoSAP for this Youth Connect program and for that VoSAP congratulates Sonal ji, Chhavi ji for making it happen. 👏



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