Financial Independence with Beauty Parlour Kit helping IAS aspirant achieve her dreams

Voice of SAP (VOSAP) stands as a beacon of empowerment for specially-abled individuals. By distributing self-employment kits and assistive devices, VOSAP has touched the lives of over 20,000 people across 21 states in India and the USA. In a recent series of conversations with beneficiaries from Jodhpur, the profound impact of VOSAP’s contributions in transforming lives has come to light.

Pintu Devi is a spirited woman of 35 from Banad, Jodhpur. Pintu’s life took a dramatic turn when she was introduced to Voice of SAP and the opportunities it provides to specially-abled individuals. With a locomotor disability of 70%, Pintu’s journey was far from easy. However, with VOSAP’s support, she managed to rewrite her story of struggle into one of triumph.

Pintu’s husband works as a laborer, and she was pursuing her Bachelor’s degree. But life’s hurdles seemed insurmountable. The dream of cracking competitive exams loomed large, but financial constraints denied her the resources she needed. Just when her aspirations were at a crossroads, VOSAP stepped in with a self-employment Beauty Parlour kit that held the promise of change.

The kit was no ordinary collection of tools; it was a stepping stone towards Pintu’s independence. Armed with determination and VOSAP’s assistance, Pintu ventured into the world of beauty parlour services. She started taking orders, turning her skills into a source of income. This marked the beginning of a transformational journey.

The impact was twofold. Not only did Pintu’s income enable her to support herself and her family during the busy seasons (earning between 8,000 to 10,000) and the lean times (generating 4,000 to 5,000), but it also gave her the financial boost she needed to pursue her aspirations.

The income from her beauty parlour venture now provided her with the means to afford the resources and books necessary for her IAS exam preparation. Through her determination, she was turning her dreams into reality.

Pintu Devi’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of VOSAP’s intervention. Her story is a testament to the organization’s commitment to uplift, empower, and create avenues for those who would otherwise find themselves on the sidelines.

Pintu’s journey isn’t just one of personal achievement; it’s a testament to the countless possibilities that open up when a community unites to support its members.


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