Narayanan Stitching his Dreams and Independence with Support from VOSAP

The value of a thing is measured by the circumstances of a person. We, as an organization, are glad that we are able to add value to the lives of people by providing them with things that value to them. Allow us to narrate the story of Narayanan Ganpatshah Pawar, a 30-year-old man who is living a life of independence with a small supporting gesture from VOSAP.

VOSAP has been providing enabling and empowering devices to Specially Abled People. So far, VOSAP has changed lives of 13,000+ SAPs.And, we get to experience so many heart-soothing stories like that of Narayanan.

This young man from Adarsh Nagar, Vadgaon is a person with mobility impairment. He had the skills of stitching clothes and the dream to be independent. Before VOSAP handpicked Narayanan as a beneficiary of one of its empowering and enabling drives, Narayanan was working as a staff in a local shop.

We reached out to him and extended our support and enabled him with sewing machine. This machine might be just another invaluable thing for many but it was not for him. This sewing machine brought a ray of hope to Narayanan’s life. A hope that told him that he can be independent. A hope that told him that he can live in comfort while living his dream of independence. The sewing machine provided him the chance to be a business owner rather than a staff.

Being a person with mobility impairment, going out for a job was not an easy task for him. This sewing machine gave him the choice to work from the comfort of his home and earn a livelihood with dignity. We are glad that Narayanan grabbed this opportunity. Today, he has set up his tailoring shop at his home and earns decently.

When one of our volunteers from Belgaum reached out to him for knowing his experiences, he found him very happy. Narayanan thanked VOSAP for the sewing machine and gladly said that he can sew a pair of shirt-pant in a day. He also added that he is earning a monthly profit of around 8,000 to 9,000 rupees from his home. After extending his gratitude to our organization Narayanan also requested us to keep providing such help to people like him.

We are very happy for Narayanan and we can assure you that we will keep up the work of enabling and empowering Specially Abled People. We also thank our generous donors because of whom we are able to do this kind of work for society. Thanks.


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