In order to promote employment of Person with disabilities in Private Sector, DEPwD, Govt. Of India, under SIPDA scheme, the Incentive Scheme was announced in Financial Year 2007-08. With a goal to simplify the scheme and make it available to every capital and every SAP, In 2017, The scheme was revamped so that incentives are much more lucrative, simplified to work with EPFO office. 


The scheme was broadened to include every employee with disability regardless of salary level, to encourage Employment. Even apprenticeship is recovered so there is no risk to employers for hiring Person with disabilities.

  • The employers need not deposit the EPF/ESI. Government will pay the employers contribution to EPFO & ESIC for 10 years.
  • The Employer will be able to receive incentive benefits 15% Profit.
  • 100% reimbursement for training, apprenticeship, cost incurred for employing person with disability. The idea is to prevent losses to the employer and encourage employment of Person with disabilities.


Below are some of the salient features of the revised scheme with key amendments :

  1.  The scheme will be applicable to all persons with disabilities employed in the private sector irrespective of any salary/wage ceiling.
  2.  The administrative charges applicable on EPF/ESI contribution (at the extant rates) shall be borne by the DEPwD.
  3. One-third of the gratuity amount due and admissible to PwD employees which is required to be paid by the employers under the applicable provisions of the Gratuity Act, shall be borne by the DEPwD.

Read the full scheme below:



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