General Guidelines that may help you to do the Accessibility Rating – star (*) rating of the building

VDO Link in Gujarati – “How to Take Photo

VDO Link in English – “How to Take Photo

1. Please take pictures that are clear and show the accessibility feature like ramp/sign/parking etc. or non- accessible pathway, ramp without railings or no ramp only steps for entrance etc. that will be in line with the star rating.

2. These pictures should be only of public places as the intent here is to provide information to people with disabilities as which building is accessible and to what extent (*rating)) and where they will need help to access the building.

3. For Accessibility rating (* rating) of any public building, following criteria may be considered

a. Ramp with railing and proper slope for the entrance b. Stairs with Railing c. Lift in the building to access upper floors in a wheel chair d. Wheel chair accessible toilet, wash room etc. e. Tactile surface, lighting etc. to help provide guidance to visually impaired f. Assigned parking for disabled persons vehicle, clearly visible prominent boards/directions if separate entry for Persons with Disabilities etc.

4. Please use one * for each of the criteria mentioned above and 5* rating will indicate that the place/restaurant/government office/bank/ATM/ Shopping Mall etc. meets most of the above criteria if applicable.