Heros limited edition

Israeli digital series ‘Heroes-Limited Edition’ is a show that features superpowers having special needs that are on the mission to save the world, changing the perception of Disability.

This series is about a group of superheroes with special needs whose powers have faded or who have retired, but who come back together for a common goal – to save the world. Created and written by Elior Eliyahu Amsalem and Adam Hirsch (who also act in it), and directed by co-creator Leor Belgazal, it seeks to break down stigmas and stereotypes about people with disabilities using humor, suspense, action and special effects.


The series, was produced by Shalva, the Israel Association for the Care and Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, features actors with disabilities. It was co-produced by the Ruderman Family Foundation, which seeks to raise awareness of disability inclusion.

The inspiration to create a show featuring disability struck when Amsalem and Hirsch were doing community service as part of their studies when they met several people with disabilities.


Shalva’s global chairman, Avi Samuels, said “We at Shalva believe in thinking about abilities and seeing possibilities, about everyone fulfilling their potential, the concept of superheroes was the perfect metaphor for encouraging inclusion and helping people with special needs to flourish.These are people who have talent and have ability to express themselves and the series gives us a chance to see their talent and beauty and amazing abilities.”


Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation, said “For the first time in Israel, characters with disabilities are played authentically by actors who truly understand the roles in which they have been cast. We are proud of the precedent this series will set for the industry in Israel and beyond. We hope more creators are inspired to produce additional series like this in the future. While reading serious articles is one way to reach people, there are other ways to change people’s perspective.”


The series can be seen on the Mako website: Mako.co.il


Courtesy: The Jerusalem Post