Theme: Disability

Examples: Participants can portray emotions, anxiety, aspirations, dreams of Specially Abled Person. It can also be related to real life challenges faced in the society by Visually impaired, Mobility impaired, Hearing impaired or Intellectual/learning impaired Specially Abled People.

An explanation of the art form might be a useful addition to the artist statement. Whether an entry displays use of formal technique or a simple approach, it will be judged primarily on how well the artist/participant uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme, originality and creativity. Reproductions or enlargements of already existing artwork in any form are not acceptable. Artwork should not contain any profanity or objectification of disability.

Copyright: Use of copyrighted material, including any copyrighted cartoon characters or likeness thereof, bearing any logo, trademark etc. are NOT acceptable in any visual arts submission.

OWNERSHIP AND LICENSE: Ownership of any artwork submission shall remain with the entrant unless donated to VOSAP. However, entry into this program constitutes entrant’s irrevocable permission and consent that VOSAP may display, copy, reproduce, enhance, print, publish, distribute and create derivative works for VOSAP purposes. 

INDEMNIFICATION: The Participant shall also indemnify and hold harmless the VOSAP as well as the subjects linked to it, or controlled by it, its representatives, employees, consultants, and any of its trading partners from any claim made by a third party, for any reason whatsoever, in relation to the rights of use granted to the Promoter and/or to the contents of the entries uploaded.