Purpose of VOSAP Research Initiative is to strengthen VOSAP mission of Advocacy with data, research, findings so it has credibility. Disability sector is ignored and suffering a lot based on “Perceptions” and lack of data. Reality is very different, changing rapidly with emergence of UN CRPD, technology revolution etc.  To change narrative of Disability, VOSAP Collegiate team started research initiative.

28 Interns (under graduate and graduate students) from USC, UCLA, UNC, Chapel Hill, NorthWestern, UT, Austin, Cornell, Skidmore etc. universities participated in 10 week of rigorous research internship in variety of topics related to Disability. This program had weekly deliverables and interns learnt a lot. Many are inspired to continue working with VOSAP to advance their research efforts to make Disproportionate impact for millions of people.

VOSAP has started program with universities to help students conduct research round the year. UC, Berkley is the first to start with VOSAP where in batch of 10 students will start this Fall semester. 

Here is list of projects conducted by summer interns along with the link for Executive summary.



No.     Title of Research Project Team of Interns Link for Executive Summary
01 Legal Milestones in the Disability Sector: An International Study on Employment Kassidy Hamilton, Cornell

Katelyn Lee, USC

Click here
02 Economic Returns of Nations Investing in Specially Abled People Caleb Li, Northwestern

Matthew You, Northwestern

Sarthak Pant, Skidmore

Click here
03 Wall of Exclusion: The Americans With Disability Act’s Failure to Close the Employment Gap Shauli Bar-On, USC Click here
04 Study of the Inclusion of Specially Abled People in Corporate Advertising and Marketing Julia Lin, USC Click here
05 Inclusion of Specially Abled People in Hollywood Jacqueline Martinez, USC Click here
06 Disability Inclusion Index (DII) for Corporations Esha Parikh, UNC Chapel Hill

Anna Sheehan, Northwestern

Click here
07 Disability Inclusion Index (DII) for Universities Nicole Elliot, UCLA Click here
08 Comparative Study of Assistive Technologies & Their Use in Education Nehali Shah, UT, Austin

Sarah Schaefer, USC

Click here
09 Comparative Study on Accessibility Across the United States Nia Hammet, Unc, Charlotte

Holly McCauley, USC

Harshil Shah, High School

Click here
10 Evolution of Inclusion In the U.S. for Specially Abled People Emily Kennedy, UCLA Click here
11 Developing an Interactive Dashboard on Disability Population in the U.S. with Trends Analysis Jiawei Wang, USC Click here
12 Impact of Covid-19 on Measles and Rubella Related Disabilities Following Vaccine Campaign Postponement Shaneel Badani, BU

Claire Post, USC

Amanda Hmelar, USC

Click here
13 A Study on Disability Representation in Individually-Curated Video Content Eshana Seshadri, USC Click here
14 Accessibility Solutions in Public Transportation – Comparative Study of Evolution in India and selected 5 Countries Suhas Peela, USC

Nupur Jain, NCSU, Raleigh

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