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Every advocacy appeal needs to be backed up with strong evidence and data to make it more convenient in understanding the scenario. For that, Promoting and conducting research and data analysis in the disability sector is very necessary.  Voice of Specially Abled People’s biggest priority is to spread the knowledge and awareness of our present situation to advocate the data modeling driven possibilities in future that we envision to unravel a brighter and more prosperous path!

Even during this unprecedented situation of COVID-19 Pandemic, the youth volunteers stepped up to bring forth an initiative “VOSAP Collegiate Program” to engage more like-minded individuals. The VOSAP Collegiate program offers Research Internship with VOSAP to conduct 10-week long research in topics ranging from Accessibility, DII (Disability Inclusion Index) score of Corporations, and Economic Impact of COVID-19, among others. On June 1st, 2020, the research internship program of VOSAP started in the USA, wherein 26 outstanding undergraduate and graduate students joined the 10 weeks of the research internship program, and the early success with applications from all across the USA including USC, UCLA, UNC-Chapel Hill, NCSU, UT Austin, Skidmore, Northwestern, Boston University, etc. makes us feel positive.

The first VOSAP club was established in UC Berkely. And every year as part of VOSAP Collegiate, the students engage in research for various topics.  students from Data Sciences Department, University of California, Berkeley took on a project during FALL 2020 semester that aimed to create a business case for the nations to invest into measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, especially for developing countries. It mostly focused on the cost benefit of giving the rubella vaccine because it directly affects children through disability.


Spring 2020 semester, VOSAP started a batch of students to work on researching the cost benefit for companies and other entities to comply with ADA guidelines. In the Fall semester 21, the theme is analyzing education and income inequalities in the US between persons with disability and Persons without disabilities based on gender, race age and state.

As part of the VOSAP Research Internship program – (VRI 21), 28 compassionate students divided into 5 teams conducted research on 5 topics: 1) Representation of PwD in CSR programs, 2) Non-compliance with employment related to ADA, 3) Federal and state programs for PwD, 4) Trends in Assistive technology, 5) Representation of PwD in advertisements.

VOSAP strongly believes in citizen participation to create more impact. Our VOSAP mobile application is a useful tool in finding the right kind of resources related to the latest technologies, studies, and innovations taking place around the world. People also contribute to creating a collective database for accessible places which is helpful in multiple ways to strengthen promote data-driven advocacy.

How can you help?

  1. We would like to invite more like-minded individuals to engage with us in our endeavor to generate data-driven findings that will help form a strong foundation for Advocacy for the Empowerment of Specially Abled People.
  2. If you are a student in college/university, enroll yourself or help your fellow students and university become a part of our Research Internship Program. Start VOSAP club
  3. Share our research findings with leaders in your community and friends in your network

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