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Our society has a certain notion about the word disability. The stigma of treating Persons with Disabilities (PwD) in a different way has been going on for ages. It creates multiple societal complexities for PwD. This stereotyping often results in people’s poor attitude, ignorance, pity, and fear towards disabled people. PwD become victims of inequality and injustice on many fronts. It is the lack of access to good quality education and consequent employment that keeps many from being financially independent.

In order to break this notion, VOSAP has been working hard to bring forward the facts and useful data to the surface for helping people make the right decisions and motivate informed action to bring a Social Transformation.

For instance, the data from American Community Survey (ACS) suggests that only 15% of specially-abled individuals in the US have attained education of a BA degree or higher in the year 2018, which is merely 6.4 million out of the total 40.5 million. Making one and all aware of such hard-hitting facts is the first step to bring real change.

VOSAP has also come up with a framework to help corporations understand their business benefits, data as relates to employment of PwD. VOSAP helps devise their Disability and Inclusion (D&I) strategy that is comprehensive in nature and a useful matrix to start measuring. The Disability Inclusion Index (DII) is a framework that quantifies and measures a company’s inclusivity of PwD based on a 100-point system.

VOSAP has launched a virtual platform for employment of PwD to access hundreds of job opportunities available from partner organization of VOSAP, worldwide and get the fair choice of choosing the right employment. It also helps employers to tap a large workforce and a dedicated pool of empowered employees to join their companies. It has corporates and candidates on common platform. Corporates can also learn more about hiring PwD in their workplace if they have questions in terms of infrastructure or hiring benefits.

VOSAP supports Self Employment of PwD too. Art from heart initiative has given many Specially Abled artists, opportunity to showcase their talent and be self-employed in the work they love and earn more money with global, US specific exposure for their amazing artwork.

VOSAP has provided self-employment kits to PwD. VOSAP provides help, guidance and infrastructure to people for making a living and earning their daily wages in the most honorable way. Some of the examples would be Bhartiben who is making a living with the help of sewing machine, Vinodbhai with his tricycle.

With the boom of tech innovations such as assistive devices, it has become simpler for both educational institutes and corporates to focus on Social Inclusion with respect to Disability. Meanwhile, VOSAP has also been interacting with the HR Leaders to bring DII Framework to the corporates and assist them in their Disability and Inclusion Goals.

How can you help?

  1. If you are a person with a position, authority, capability to hire, please explore and commit to giving employment to SAP. One gainfully employed SAP uplifts his /her life, his/her family and inspires his /her community so think of the multiplier, positive effects your action can have. VOSAP has few examples of volunteers who have already done this.
  2. Socialize the idea in your company, with HR and see if VOSAP can help with the efforts
  3. Donate $100 to empower 1 SAP in India with a self-employment kit or assistive device for mobility

Let us lead the way in making people with disabilities feel welcomed, treat them with the same care and compassion and make them part of our mainstream society as much as we are part of it!

To learn about hiring PwD in your workplace and jobs, reach us at – jobs@voiceofsap.org

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