Around the world, People with disabilities encounter multiple challenges, be it people’s attitudes, ignorance, fear and apathy but it is the lack of access to a good quality education and consequent employment that keeps many from being financially independent. It is a vicious cycle of poverty and lack of opportunity that hinders the path to a life of Dignity for majority of the Specially Abled People.

In order to break this unnecessary cycle, Voice of Specially Abled People, a global advocacy organization, has taken the approach of involving and creating WIN-WIN solutions for all so that everyone benefits with Inclusive environment and action.

For gainful employment of SAPs, VOSAP has been advising the government for putting in financial incentives for Employers who train and hire SAPs and in December 2018, multiple schemes were announced by Govt. of India for hiring SAPs by private sector where the Government will take care of part of the cost of employment. The government has also increased the budget for training/skilling of SAPs significantly.

VOSAP’s Corporate Connect program is designed to work with corporate leaders and HR in companies interested in hiring SAPs as part of an Inclusive and diverse work force that strengthens their bottom line and creates an Inclusive work environment. There are many companies in India who are already employing SAPs for the strengths they bring and VOSAP helps facilitate these efforts by connecting training institutes, schools and the interested companies with assessment, training and placement.

How can you help?

  1. If you are a person with position, authority, capability to hire, please explore and commit to give employment to SAP. One gainfully employed SAP uplifts his /her life, his/her family and inspires his /her community so think of the multiplier, positive effects your action can have.  VOSAP has few examples of volunteers who have already done this.
  2. Socialize the idea in your company, with HR and see if VOSAP can help with the efforts
  3. Donate $100 to empower 1 SAP in India with self employment kit or assistive device for mobility

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