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Voice of Specially-Abled people is an organization that has inclusivity as its core value and believes that accessibility is the key to achieve equality and fairness while having an integrated approach towards the Empowerment of Specially Abled People. VOSAP has been working towards making accessibility a reality in multiple ways including its own digital tool, VOSAP mobile app.

Being an advocate of change and strong policy frameworks to achieve this mission, VOSAP also has a step forward in cutting-edge technology advancements like developing the VOSAP mobile app. It is easy to learn.  It has set an excellent example of public participation for the larger good. This app brings information about accessibility at the same time enables the users to contribute in real-time issues. Dedicated efforts are being made along with the Central and State Governments in the US, including LA County, to document and analyze the state of Accessibility. It also offers citizens an all-encompassing Public Utility App. Through this app, VOSAP volunteers in different regions have been able to map accessible places in different parts of India and the US, rated more than 18,000 buildings for accessibility so far which help People with Disabilities to find accessible places near them. VOSAP Youth Volunteers are mapping university campuses across the US and their findings indicate only 30% Accessibility in the surveys. To increase these numbers, motivating stakeholders is a very crucial task.

To further this goal of inclusivity in physical as we as digital spaces, VOSAP is promoting compliance with the ‘Americans with Disabilities act’ (ADA) Section 508 which adopts the mission of ensuring Digital Accessibility by the corporations, software development by IT professionals. VOSAP is reaching out and spreading the message of Digital Accessibility among various corporations, promoting the usage of the websites and mobile apps in companies that are equipped with accessibility features.

VOSAP with its strong leadership and advocacy initiated and presented Vision 2020 for the Specially Abled People of India and conceptualized the “Accessible India Campaign” that was launched on Dec 3, 2015, by the Honorable Prime minister India Shri Narendra Modi and the Govt. of India. This nationwide campaign is sowing the seeds of change and setting goals for increased accessibility in Transportation, building infrastructures and Digital platforms, etc. As part of this campaign, VOSAP has also signed an MoU with the 4 districts in India including Ahmedabad to improve the state of accessibility in and around the city with help of resources and citizen involvement.

The work has begun in the right direction and we are glad to be one of the leading organizations to bring this idea forward. Voice of SAP with more than 10,000 registered volunteers are working towards achieving accessibility.

Every hand that joins us brings more power to the mission.  Be that power and help us to make this world fully accessible for 1 B+ population with disabilities, globally.

Here are few ideas as how can you help!

  • Download VOSAP app (iOS, Android) and do rating of your school, college, neighborhood as advocate of accessibility, unlocking potential of millions!
  • Take a pledge to achieve the accessibility goals and inspire others to take pledges by inviting them to our website or VOSAP mobile app to create “crowdsourced demand” for accessibility of key places
  • Take lead and help make your school/college accessible with the help of Alumni friends and community members.

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