In India, infrastructural obstacles are inherent part of everyday life of millions of SAPs that severely limits their integration in society. ATMs, banks, hospitals, work places, offices, buses, trains, are not built to accommodate the needs of specially abled people. However, the Voice of SAP team has taken an innovative approach to reduce this inaccessibility in India.

Voice of Specially Abled People initiated and presented Vision 2020 for the Specially Abled People of India and conceptualized “Accessible India Campaign” that was launched on Dec 3, 2015 by Honorable PM Shri Modi ji himself and the Govt. of India. This nationwide campaign has goals of increased accessibility to Transportation, building infrastructure and Digital infrastructure and has delivered some much- needed upgrades to many Government offices and buildings, the digital footprint of government has become compliant with W3C standards etc. but the impact is still lagging compared to the expected results.

To accelerate the “Rate of Inaccessibility Reduction” in India, Voice of SAP has undertaken the unprecedented task to create “Accessibility Maps” of 10+ cities using the VOSAP mobile app and upgrade 50+ schools with accessibility provisions by 2020. With these initiatives to increase accessibility, the Voice of SAP team hopes to build a more inclusive and accessible society with robust Volunteer participation and Technology utilization.

How can you help?

  1. Participate yourself or inspire family/friends/classmates in India to start contributing to the Accessibility Mapping using VOSAP app.
  2. Take lead and help make your school/college accessible with the help of Alumni friends and community members.

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