Jyotsnaben Parmar, a skilled seamstress from Halvad, has faced numerous challenges due to her locomotor disability. Her passion for sewing began after finishing 10th grade, and she initially learned the craft from her sister-in-law. Despite her expertise, Jyotsnaben’s 20-year-old sewing machine limited her productivity, resulting in a modest monthly income of 3000 INR.

In 2023, Jyotsnaben’s life changed dramatically when she received a new sewing machine at Voice of SAP’s (VOSAP) enablement event in Halvad. This modern sewing machine has empowered her to work more efficiently and offer a wider variety of sewing services.

Her daughter is currently in the 12th grade, and her son is in college. Using the new sewing machine for 3-4 hours every day, seven days a week, Jyotsnaben has significantly improved her productivity and income. Her earnings have increased to 5,000-6,000 INR per month, allowing her to better support her household and contribute to her children’s education. With the additional income, she was even able to purchase a 30,000 INR laptop for her son, enhancing his educational opportunities. This investment in her children’s future was a dream come true for Jyotsnaben, made possible by the empowerment provided by the new sewing machine.

Jyotsnaben’s story is a powerful example of how access to the right tools and resources can transform lives. The sewing machine provided by VOSAP has not only increased her financial stability but also boosted her confidence and independence. Her ability to support her family and invest in her children’s future has inspired others in her community.

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