Press Release:

August 2 2019.

Voice of SAP, US based non profit, working to Empower Specially Abled People with efforts of 8,000+ registered volunteers enabled with innovative VOSAP mobile app to promote accessibility and inclusion of Persons with Disabilities to achieve UN's SDGs by 2030 is granted "Special Consultative Status" by UN ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council).

VOSAP's thought leadership on technology solutions, expertise in the disability sector with its "Developing Country" model and engaging initiatives with youth, corporations and communities have made significant impact in India in last 5 years. Many other developing countries can now benefit by replicating these initiatives such as "Accessible India Campaign".

This is a milestone achievement for VOSAP as with this status, it has now huge opportunity with several privileges per ECOSOC resolution 1996/31 such as

  1. Opportunities to consult with Member States (countries) and the United Nations system at large

  2. Enables the ECOSOC Council or one of its bodies to seek expert information or advice from VOSAP

  3. Access to United Nations offices in NY, Geneva and Vienna and attend meetings, participation etc.

  4. Carry out studies or prepare papers per request of The Secretary General of UN

  5. Use of United Nations Facilities etc.

VOSAP's mission is to make this world accessible as Empowerment happens only if someone has access to education, to workplace etc., access to opportunity...In our view, basic need for inclusion is accessibility and to achieve this goal, mass movement of advocacy, democratization of demand for accessibility, rights of PwD/SAP are key.

VOSAP encourages each one of its partner organization, supporters, donors and compassionate volunteers to be proud for our collective, huge responsibility now to change this world together, make it inclusive for PwD/SAP and achieve UN's Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs by 2030. Keep sharing your research papers, solutions, inputs and VOSAP will do its best to take them to UN to help everyone.

We extend heartfelt congratulations to all stakeholders of VOSAP and thank everyone who has been with us to achieve this significantly important milestone in a long journey of social transformation that we have started.

On behalf of 8,000+ VOSAPians,

Pranav and Usha Desai.

Founders, Voice of SAP.

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