Voice of SAP submits Policy Inputs to NITI Aayog on Assistive Technologies

NITI-Aayog logoFebruary 7 2015

Policy inputs to NITI Aayog for Assistive Technologies*

Vision: To make India, global manufacturing and innovation hub for Assistive Technologies – products and solutions


  1. New and growing market globally. Subsequent to UNCRPD 2007, worldwide awareness and resource allocations are growing towards independent living of People with Disabilities. As per WHO, estimated global population of People with Disabilities i.e. potential market is over 1 BN people
  2. Current market prices are very high that opens up the huge opportunity for innovation to lower the cost and price significantly to cater to mass markets
  3. India is also a large “untapped” market with a large combined population of senior citizens and Specially Abed People whose quality of life, independence can be enhanced immensely


  1. “Make in India” program, ready to attract global AT producers to select India as their hub
  2. Demonstrated commitment and political WILL of current Government of India with its 7 commitments to Empower Specially Abled People i.e. growing budget allocations for the sector to generate growing domestic demand
  3. Funding sources under CSR law available for generating sustained domestic demand
  4. Resource pool – technical manpower, IITs and other globally reputed and well equipped academic institutes to promote research in partnership with industry
  5. “Digital India” program to accelerate creation of assistive mobile apps (ICT) and its adoption

Key Policy Inputs from Voice of Specially Abled People**

  1. 100% FDI for AT manufacturing companies
  2. Privatize/disinvest ALIMCO, India’s #1 PSU in manufacturing of Assistive devices
  3. Create SEZ for attracting AT companies to manufacture for export markets while allowed % production can be allocated for the domestic markets, which are expected to grow
  4. Special research fund with selected academic institutes such as IIT to promote variety of research initiatives from basic materials to mobile apps
  5. Offer degree, diploma courses in AT solutions and produce AT specialists and professionals
  6. to provide AT products and solutions to all the students with disabilities, creating sustained domestic demand
  7. 100% income deduction to purchase AT devices
  8. Setup a committee to promote globally, the GoI policies, initiatives for AT products and solutions


* AT products and solutions include ICT products and solutions also for purpose of simplicity

** The above mentioned inputs are based on extensive research on 100 plus AT companies in the US and Europe, discussions with key officers of GoI, UN, WHO, USIBC etc. and AT, ICT professionals.

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