India will celebrate its democracy wherein EVERYONE, including large population of Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) will exercise their right and responsibility to go to polling booth and vote.

FIRST TIME EVER IN much of focus is being given to ensure maximum participation of PwD/SAP in these general elections. Here are key points announced by Election Commission of India’s website.

Assured Minimum Facilities (AMF) at Polling Station:

Assured Minimum Facilities that will be made available at polling booths are Signage, Help Desk, polling booth at ground floor, obstacle free wide leveled pathway from entrance to voting compartment, Ramp as per GOI standards, Accessible Toilets, Drinking Water, Separate Entry and Exit, Lighting, accessible furniture, braille ballot guide, adjustable braille embossed EVMs, wheel chairs, booth volunteers and display of accessible posters on information pertaining to voting.

Other facilities available for voters with disabilities during elections:

1. Free transport facility will also be made available to all persons with disabilities in local public transport system.

2. Dedicated parking system for vehicles of voters with disabilities.

3. Priority entry is provided to voters with disabilities and those with reduced mobility / physical functions, without having to wait in queue at polling booths.

4. Voters with disabilities can bring their companion to assist them till voting compartment, if they wish to.

5. In case of assistance by the companion is required in voting as well, form 49A should be filled by the companion. The companion can vote immediately after the person with disability votes. Alternatively, a voter with disability may take the assistance of booth volunteer / presiding officer as well, if he or she desires so.

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