killimanjaro hike

In a remarkable display of determination, resilience, and a commitment to creating a more inclusive world, Voice of SAP in collaboration with Karen Darke and World Jenny Day, participated in an adventurous journey from Sea to Summit!

Karen Darke, VOSAP Brand Ambassador, conquered the breathtaking heights of Mount Kilimanjaro and undertook an exhilarating Kenya Safari Bike Ride promoting VOSAP’s mission of inclusion, raising awareness for important causes like advocating for the rights of Specially Abled People and mental health awareness.

Through this Journey, we not only conquered physical challenges, but also conquered stereotypes and shattered misconceptions about what people with disabilities can achieve. VOSAP’s mission of promoting inclusion was at the forefront of these expeditions, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration to people around the world.

Kenya Safari Bike Ride: 20 August – 26 August, 2023

Kenya safari Bike Ride adventure was a thrilling ride for a cause, a ride for mental health awareness, and ultimately a ride for self-discovery. In a world where conversations around depression and suicide are often stigmatized, World Jenny Day, VOSAP and Karen Darke were determined to normalize these discussions.

The team cycled through the picturesque landscapes of Kenya, raising awareness about the importance of mental health.They showed that it’s okay to seek help, to talk openly about one’s struggles, and to support those in need.

Their journey was a reminder that physical activity and the great outdoors can be powerful tools for healing and self-discovery. It demonstrated that cycling, like life, is a series of ups and downs, but with determination and a supportive community, one can overcome any obstacle.


VOSAP Kilimanjaro Hike: 27 August – 3rd September, 2023

The Kilimanjaro Hike, a monumental challenge even for the most able-bodied individuals, was transformed into a symbol of inclusivity and determination as Karen Darke and her team took on the 5,895-meter high summit.

The VOSAP Flag soaring on Mount Kilimanjaro served as a powerful symbol of their mission. The trek was a testament to the incredible capabilities of Specially Abled People when given the opportunity and encouragement.The hikers faced countless challenges, both physical and mental, along the way. Their journey was a metaphor for the struggles faced by those with disabilities daily. Each step they took was a reminder that determination and a supportive community can overcome even the most formidable obstacles.

Voice of SAP (VOSAP) extends heartfelt gratitude to Karen Darke, World Jenny Day, and all the volunteers, team members, and individuals who joined this remarkable expedition, wholeheartedly supporting and championing the cause of inclusion.

Both these journeys prove that limits exist only in the mind and that when we come together to support one another, we can achieve remarkable feats. This Collaboration serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that with determination, passion, and a sense of purpose, we can overcome any challenge and achieve greatness while promoting inclusion and advocating for important causes.

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