Against all Odds: An Ode to Arun Shah


‘Against all Odds’ is inspiring story of Arun Shah, SAP with Spina Bifida (“split spine”), severe physical infirmities and his parents who never gave up, explored and struggled through various way to provide him with feeling of inclusion, confidence, emotional support.

His Story is inspiration for all the Specially Abled People to focus on their capabilities rather than obstacles and limitations and explore various ways of life and experience what the beautiful journey of life has to offer. 

VOSAP’s biggest, strategic donor Shri Manubhai Shah (Sarva Mangal Family Trust) is deeply inspired by the life story of late Shri Arun Shah and his divine soul has inspired Shri Manubhai and Rikaben to support VOSAP mission whole heartedly.

Read about his motivating journey below:


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