Bhamini Trivedi

Born in Chennai , India. I contracted Polio at the age of 4. Grandfather was a doctor and took all steps to contain polio.
Got my Masters in English Language and was a prof in English for 6 years until I got married to a man from Bombay who also has polio. We came to the bay area . I got my Engineering Certification and is a an Agile Database Manager at Tivo.
He is a very successful businessman in the bay area for over 30 years. He is a corporate and individual Tax consultant. We have one Daughter who graduated from Berkeley and works for an NGO in the bay area.
I have been involved in Art of Living close to a decade. We have been blessed with a comfortable life and would like to show my gratitude by volunteering in an Org like Voice of SAP. Looking forward to doing meaningful work for community in CA and in India.