The 8,000+ volunteers and 100+ leaders that have joined VOSAP’s mission in the last 3 years have been integral to the success and strength of this organization.  VOSAP provides unique opportunities to volunteers to serve locally, nationally and globally with UN.

With the goal of creating a global mass-movement, Voice of Specially Abled People, strongly believes that “we”, all individuals have a responsibility to advocate and help empower persons with disabilities. Disability is a non-discriminatory reality and touches each life in some form or other at some stage of life. Therefore it is our collective responsibility to make this world a more Inclusive and Accessible one with our efforts, big and small.

Our mobile application – “VOSAP” is Empowering Volunteers. It is a very handy, easily accessible platform for getting involved and enacting change is easier than ever, whether it be through bringing awareness to inequities in disability rights, sharing online research, or providing any skills needed by the organization. Volunteers, by working with college campuses, universities, local communities and corporations, are finding it very satisfying for creating a lasting transformation impact – more inclusive and accessible society. While their extensive work has brought about numerous benefits, VOSAP is hopeful for an even brighter future and stronger volunteer base. By 2020, we hope to have 25,000 volunteers in order to effectively help the 70 million Specially Abled People in India and over 1 billion worldwide. We’d love for you to join thousands of others in making the global community a more inclusive and accessible place by becoming a volunteer today.

Anyone and everyone can download the VOSAP Mobile App and take the “Pledge of Action” today!

With this Volunteer driven and fueled mission , VOSAP aims to create change that is “visible” and “experienced” because “ actions speak louder than words,” Pranav Desai Founder, Voice of SAP.

Join US and network with like minded “Change-Makers”, globally!!!

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